Think here,Huo Guang took a few steps,Stabble,Shiver,Take three gray jade from the Yuan ring。

“cough,This is the item in the city of Xianfang City,Named God。”
He handed three jade to the summer,“Every ten team team,Will send three free,If it is activated the jade,Special gods can be burst,Regardless of the alien or magic,Very afraid to God,Crisis gains perhaps save life。”
Summer picking jade,Look down on。
Huo Guangzhu is bound to be enchanting,Use three jade to make a smooth,“These three jade characters,Who do you look at who?。”
This sentence,The eye of the semi-elderly old man is suddenly bright,Look forward to。
“Qing Hui,Give you a。”
Summer is not hesitant to hand a jade to Huaxai。
Huaxai Hui smile,You are not polite。
Summer will also take an income,“I left this one.。
Everyone has no objection.。”
No one refutes。
None words。
to be honest,The fist is the last word.。
Even if they are still repairing, they can’t see the summer.,But at this moment,Situation is strong。
A scene of arrogance to rush to Huo Guang,That murderery,Everyone remembers norresses.。
Hair black and white clamp、And two men with face and good,Faces become difficult to look。
They have not reported any hope.。
And the old three people are eager to cut。
After all, summer is the same.,The door is old,This kind of good thing,Why do you have to consider them?。
only——Beautiful wishes are so fast。
In the summer, I handed the last jade to Huaxai Huihui.。
“Qing Hui,You are a woman,Comparison,I think everyone will not have opinions.。”
Huaqing Hui Ton stunned。
She consciously turned around,I saw the old three people with the old three people gradually stiff.。
“Millet,you……”Huaqing Hui Zhang Zhangzhao,Want to say。
She is faint to speculate,Summer this is returned。
Previous,Although she said good words for the old three people in the watergllion,Can not mean that they are practicing。
Under the situation,Five people are the same door,It is right to watch help。

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