Unique regrettable,Because people who have fallen are married to foreign people,Then I can’t serve any of the Miao duties.。

A loud noise explosion,The original calm dragon Tan suddenly broke out of horror fluctuations,This is powerful,Let the strong people in the half-step level feel the horror,A black python flew out from Longtan,Giant waves。
The black python snake is like a black black iron.,Flashing the dark and deep light,Its scorpion is dark,Sharp,Cold blood,Do not have people with slightly humans,It’s very big,From the void, the skull is highly high.。
The body of the golden big tack is hovering.,Its snake body is equally high.,It is dead staring at the black python。
Gang wind,The horrible fluctuation swept。
Two pythons。
“Small generation,Go to kill this white tiger,Leave this woman’s baby,I can’t worry about you.,You will be my younger brother since now.。”Black python roll up tail,Draw a few big characters directly in Longtan,Its snake stares at the golden big python。
NS471chapter Golden dragonVSBlack giant
“Hitch your sister,Do my brother,Follow me!”The golden big python wrote a few big characters.,It also rises the horrible breath。
Double eyes,With cold blood and powerful war。
One mountain is not two tiger,Day no two days,Especially when you encounter the same kind,This kind of feelings are more intense。
This is related to the dignity of the golden big hizza,Related to its status,Relationship to its practice。
“Roar!”Tiger Wang fierce,Like the Empress of Wan Beast,Gray,Anger,It seems to be burning。
I am angry with the black python.。
“Small generation,you wanna die!”At this moment, the black giant also sent anger.,It is getting more and more horrible on it.,This is a breath that is surpassed from the half-step level,Although it is impossible to match the enemy of the sky,But it is not far from this realm.。
Tail rolls from the sky。
Two pythons are dead to death,Quietly。
The golden big python and black python have long happiness,The horrible breath is overwhelming,I have pounced to each other.,Entry for black rays and golden rays,A black golden ray hits it in the void。
Dramatic collision sounds,Longtan water fried,Giant waves,The uncomfortable big breaks of the gods are http://www.gatzo.cn constantly crazy.,Black poisonous gas is like a whirlwind,Constantly spit out from the black giant,With horror impact。
Becue Yin looked at this scene,Heart is shocking。
The Miao ancient books recorded the last swing,The last predecessor encountered is the snail of a half-step hoe.,And this python in front of him is more horrible than the previous python.。
“Let’s get back!”The tiger king draws several words directly on the ground.:“This king is nothing,I am afraid to hurt you.。”
“fine,Retreat!”Bei Xueyin 言 轻 轻 点。
Tiger Wang immediately retreat,It is the same war in it.,But this is a duel between the golden dragon and the black giant.,This is related to the dignity of Golden Dragon,And it also has its own dignity。
A loud noise,Horror’s breath。
The figure of the two giants will violently hit http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cn it again in the void.,Like a hill collision,This horrible impact sound is even more harsh.。
The two pythons flew out,I have fallen in Longtan.,The golden big snake is full of golden blood flows,The scales have fallen a lot,It has a black wound on its body.,Flowing black blood,Its scorpion is getting more and more cold。
Black giant is also not good,It’s a lot of scales in it.,Blood flowing,A blood cave passing through its body,Flowing more blood,Black giant python looks more and more yin,Spit on the snake core。

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