“Holy woman!Dictionary is your use of toxic medicine,Also caught the Mu Wangfu’s small,I am……”Wei Xiaobao’s anger is the price of goods.。

What is this is the main committee?,I am just a boat.?
How do you http://www.mamorux.cn join him with him?,Let me blame me.?
“good,People are indeed I arrested,I have said with Chu League.。”The dragon said that he was white.、Continue to drink tea,As for the things of the preparation of the medicine,Not suitable for now。
The Chu Deeman is going to reveal the Weibao in front of the people in the heaven and earth.,Let him die first。
kindness,Medicinal medicines,It should be socially killed first.……
Chapter 1,23 Decline
Wei Xiaobao saw the princess outside himself,I really didn’t continue to set fire.,This is loose。
At the same time, I also refunded two difficulties.……
Big fat money, old, biting teeth,小 声 小宝:“Weaving……‘Priest’,we……Do you want to tell them the truth?!”
Money is good, it’s good.——Although Wu Sangui can hate,But he wants to go to the first to guard the crown.,Calling my son, taking troops overturned,This……Don’t say that you can trust,At least in morality,Can even be difficult for him。
Qian Lao is specially bitten“Priest”Two words,Remind Wei Xiaobao,He is not just the Qing court.“Priest”,Still the incense of the heavens。
Since Wu Sangui promised,That is not the future generation of him.,Accepting the mountain naval in the name is also an anti-level force——everyone is“Oneself”,Why do you fight for you??
Heavenly person,Everything is doing the lives on the brain,Dirty death is not afraid,But……Now, if you give you a loyal minister,Can be too embarrassed!
Wei Xiaobao heard a black,I am not willing in my heart.,But understand this is a strategy——Good guys don’t eat your eyes,Waiting for Wu Kang Trust,Have the opportunity to cover the Mountain Navy after sooner or later……
“Wei Xiaobao,Princess,Come out!”Wu Kang shouted outside。
Wei Xiaobao knows that it is also dead here.,A little scorpion、Hui Tonguan is coming out。
“Wu Kang!What else do you want to say??”Wei Xiaobao is very high,I don’t know, I thought it was that Wu Kang was forced to the road.。
“Ah,Wei Xiaobao, Wei Xiaobao,This king can give you a chance……Put the princess,After you will take a trip,As for others,Whether it is the Tour of the Qing court,Still donex forces,Can go back,Give the master!”Wu Kang did not break,But but hints out。
What will be in the world?,Wu Kang, no need to remind the uncle,He has known……
All“Turtle meeting”when,Wu Kang, fake a small gang,Personally arrived!
Guan Anji also reacted,This Wu Kang seems to know the identity of himself.?That……
“Prince‘Incense’go,What do you want to do??”Guan Anji“Incense”Two words,Said is extremely vague,I can’t say where the accent is。
Anyway, the material is“Know all,I don’t understand, I don’t understand.”Degree。
“Your Weixiang,But there is a lot of good things to carry you.,Take him to go to the oil pan、Thousands of knives are not awkward!”Wu Kang disdain。
He did not specially confidently Wei http://www.power18.cn Xiaobao,But there is no special exposure,At this time, Wei Xiaobao only followed Guan Anji and other civil society.,Other guards in the ride in the house、Is a heart,Not afraid of exposure。
“you!Can we go with??”Guan Anji said that the active said。
In his opinion,Wu Kang really wants to reflect,Then Wei Xiangliang is absolutely an anti-cleaning camp in the Qing Dynasty.,No reason to be difficult。
If Wu Kang is like him,Deadness does not change,Sustainable……Then he will definitely dismantle each other,No regrets!
Wu Kang heard the drain,After that, I told it.:“Also,I also teach you to know,Chen Na South also has a look at it.。”
I heard Wu Kang straight call Chen Porsche.,Guan Anki and others have a dissatisfaction in the heart,But but also loose tone——Wu Kang this meaning,How is it really truth??
“Then use the http://www.xingchichuanmei.cn princess first,Change your little lover!”Wu Kang said that he finished born。
“Humph……Replace!”Wei Xiaobao waved。
After Jining Princess was sent out,Just open,Wu Kang:“Shut up!Do not talk about you!”
Said to let the hand guard,First pick up the princess first,The people here continue to surround,Wei Xiaobao took Qingkutang’s Guan’an、Xuan Duo、Money old、Xu Tianchuan still has five people in the wind,There is still an active、Both children who refuse,Leave Wu Kang。
During the period, Wu Kang actually worship Ouyang Feng in the princess,I have no master around you.、Only a few people with ordinary guards。

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