Xinjiang Kui City held a 2021 decommissioned military special job fair

In order to do a good job in retired military employment services, we will further broaden the employment channels of retired soldiers to meet the needs of enterprises and retirement soldiers, and build the bridge between supply and demand.

On September 10, Xinjiang Kui City Retired Military Affairs Bureau held a special job meeting in 2021 retired soldiers in a certain part of the reservoir. This recruitment will participate in 25 enterprises and institutions such as Xinjiang Chengtun River Refinery Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Chengrun Jinlan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Transportation Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Tarim Transportation Branch, Kuqi Maternal and Child Health Hospital, etc. Hold, jointly provide drivers, management, sales, civilian, assistant, technical workers, and firefighters, etc., involving sectors such as petrochemical industries, living services, information technology industry. Under the active publicity of the Political Department of the Force, a total of more than 200 retired soldiers participated in the job fair, with a total of more than 70 retired soldiers on-site filler, including 42 of them contracted the intention of recruitment companies. Director Dong Wei said: "When I was close to the vetera, when we were confused about life, the local government held the job fair for us. At the job fair, I sent my resume, I am very grateful to the government. We held this job fair.

"In order to promote the high-quality employment of retired soldiers, the renewal, the re-station military affairs bureau of the Kuqiu City, the actual employment needs of the retired military, and the joint commitations of the joint community have strictly controlled the qualifications, positions, working conditions, etc.

At the same time, in order to expand professional rising space, the recruitment post structure has been reasonably optimized, which greatly improves the attraction of the job fair. The person in charge of the enterprise said that the retired soldiers are highly qualified, hard work, stronger, teamwork, and their joining will inject new vitality into the company. Next, the Kuqiu Retired Military Affairs Bureau will actively implement the spirit of the city’s retired military employment entrepreneurship, combined with the main points of the year, continue to build a better online service platform for the majority of retired soldiers, close attention to market demand, build quality platform Fully show the new era retired military style, improve the social image of retired military people, and create a good atmosphere that is conducive to retired military employment, promoting the retired military multi-industry industry choice, and actively contributing to the construction of beautiful harmonic cars. (Han Dynasty Chen Wen Yin) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

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