What is the supply of vegetables after the snow? Reporter 5 o’clock in the morning

  Merchants went to the south exit of the Big Buddha Temple East Street in the early morning, the cold wind passed through the streets of the pedestrians, and only the sanitation workers were busy shovel.

At 5:40, the first van with vegetables was slowly opened, which was more than ten minutes later than expected.

The person in charge of the Jigui Sheng Cuiso Zeng Zhaolong said, "This is not very good to go this path this path.

"The roof of every bucket of the vegetables, the windows are hanging on the windows, and even if they open the trunk.

Merchants said that they have arrived at the wholesale market at two o’clock.

Compared with the head, today’s road is already a lot, but the icing place is still a lot, all the way is slow, and it is extraordinary.

"Going out, come back early or late. Some old people have come to buy vegetables, they can don’t worry." A merchant said.

  Merchants Lao Wang have come back from the New Hair market, pulling more than 4,000 kilograms of dishes, of which "main" is 3000 pounds of Yutian Chinese cabbage.

He said that there are many citizens who have recently purchased winter accommodation, and 3,000 pounds have listened to a lot, which is the amount of selling one day.

There are seventeen or vegetables in the entire vegetable market, and every family is this situation. When I chatted, Master Wang took the dishes on the car on a small tricycle and the companion. Because the vegetable market is in the alley, unloading in the alley will affect the residents, so the merchants are unloading outside the alley, and then rely on the three-wheeled car to complete the shipping of these hundred meters. "Small tricycle pulls the dishes of these thousands of kilograms, you have to pull a few times, how can you get more than 40 minutes to finish it." Winter reservoir opens the opening time of the food market is 7 o’clock in the morning, but usually less than 6 points. 30 points, there have been never to buy vegetables. The merchants who have just been unloaded have not come yet and have a hot water, and they will begin to welcome guests.

A visual sign is hung in the door of the vegetable market, which is marked with the peak of the daily shopping passenger flow.

Like the merchants, today’s purchase peak is obviously in advance. An old man who came to buy vegetables said that the snow was blowing in the first two days. She has never come out. Today is anxious to come to the winter reservoic, "this year is cold, I plan to buy more.

"How do this cabbage sold?" Can you rest? "A morning, the most listening is the most in the lobby.

The merchant replied that this year’s cabbage is delicious, no gluten, buy it back and put it in a ventilated place for a long time.

The citizens are most concerned about the price problem, and the previous two days, today’s vegetable priced has fallen slightly.

  This year, the snow has been early, the temperature is low, and the merchants have reached a consensus, and the market is supplied to make a task, and no one can increase the price. If you come to this vegetable market, you have to have eight nine thousand citizens every day.

"I can’t let everyone find that the supply is insufficient, or the price is too expensive." (Reporter Jing Xiaowen side).

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