"Ancient New Life · Communication Sharing Season" and the National Reading Campaign launched in Luoyang City, Luoyang City

The event site 华 摄 摄 人民 人民 网 Zhengzhou November 7th (Jiang Fruit) November 7th morning, Luoyang Luolong District "Ancient Venus New Life · Communication Sharing Season" and the first activities of the National Reading Events in the whole area of ??26 city study Carry out separately.

In the morning, the Yibang City Study Handmade Sweet Baking Handmade Activities. Under the guidance of the volunteer barbecue, more than 20 questions, weigh the materials, mixed stirring, filtrate impurities, fill the mold, feed the baked box, each step is done carefully. After more than 20 minutes, the children looked at the egg tarts made by her hand, and the heart was happy. Ms. Zhao, Ms. Zhao said happily, such activities can cultivate their children’s hands-on ability, and make the children to develop good quality of their love. In the event of the day, 26 city studies have carried out "taste life, dessert baking", "Yun Yun", "" Children’s Integrity, Children’s English Corner "," Non-legacy I Inheritance, Pottery Production "and other topics Activity.

According to reports, the event will last until January 31, 2021.

Each weekend will continue to carry out more benefit activities, including "Learn", "public welfare lectures," Tongxin children "children’s activities," Take you " A trick "Life Skills," Non-legacy I inherited "Non-legacy Activities and Professor of" Wild Rhyme "instrument.

During the event, Luolong District recruited more than 500 volunteers including college students, individual workers, medical workers, and corporate staff, etc. Among the positions, provide enthusiasm for the general public. Luo Yang City, Luoong District will also continue to dig up and play the functional role of urban study in the whole region, create a book with Xianglong, help books in Luoyang, struggle to write a new era of the Central Plains more fluent Luoyang beautiful chapter. (Editor: Jiang Guo, Huang Sa).

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