[China Network · Touch Hebei] During the epidemic, enter and out of Wuhan 10 times! He is the retrograde hero in the mouth!

The immunity is full of confidence and strength to Wuhan for the first time, and I don’t know what unexpected situation. He said: "Since the installation of potatoes, all the way forward from Zhangjiakou to Wuhan, and see many like-minded transporters to help Wuhan, and the strange citizens encountered on the road give us applaud, and give us a thumbs. The traffic police also give us truck drivers to provide related services for our guidance. This all, let us have a very high courtesy, and we also dispelled the uneasiness and worry in our hearts, so that we are full of pride and pride. Full confidence and strength.

"With the ordinary body body, it is not ordinary contribution to the two-day trucks who have donated to Tsinghua University alumni, rushed to Wuhan First Hospital and completed the handover.

Subsequently, Dun Shenghua has also arrived at Hubei Qianjiang, and transported rice here.

I learned that the hometown Zhangjiakou Wanquan has donated a batch of mineral water, sticky corn, and other materials. It is recruiting transportation vehicles. He also returned to Zhangjiakou from Wuhan. I got my hometown donated materials, and horses rushed to Wuhan.

Until March 16. Before returning to Zhangjiakou, Du Shenghua entered Wuhan for 10 consecutive times, and hundreds of tons of anti-vloys in Wuhan.

He made a non-ordinary contribution to the body of a normal transport person.

The more people standing out, the more precious people are more precious in this "epidemic" in this "epidemic", emit light! .

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