Police cars, anti-emptit cars, command vehicles … Yanbian Tastato delivers 13 new energy vehicles to Yanji City

On October 15th, Yanbian Guotai New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yanbian Catai Automobile") held "Guotai Auto New Energy Special Car Product Promotion Conference", and delivered 13 new cars. At the promotion, the health and health control vehicle, the rice police car, Mi Administrative law enforcement command vehicle, 25T car, 18T sweeper, 18T high-pressure cleaning car, car removable car Garbage bikes, logistics cars, 18T pure electric low entrance multi-function engineering vehicles ten products.

Among them, the health and healthy anti-prevention car is suitable for health and epidemic prevention, nucleic acid sampling, vaccination, health propaganda, etc., is equipped with refrigerator, electric kettle, air conditioning, warm air, air disinfection machine, medical refrigerator, etc .; Card point check, large-scale event duty, value, emergency disposal, equipped with refrigerators, microwave, air conditioning, warm air, bed shop, etc. The longest can hold 20-30 days; administrative law enforcement command vehicles apply to administrative patrol law enforcement, emergency command, sanitation materials supplies, etc. Subsequently, Yanbian Catai Automobile delivered six new energy police vehicles to Yanji City Public Security Bureau, delivered 6 new energy anti-prevention vehicles to Yanji Municipal Health Bureau, and delivered 1 new energy command vehicle to Yanji City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.

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