People’s Catalog: Dior’s practice, we cannot recognize

Dior has been rolled into a wind tip in recent days, and the cause is, "Dior and Art" exhibited in Shanghai, there is a photographic work being referred to asian women. According to reports, the characters in this work, the eyes of the eyes, the face is dark, the thick eye, the Qing Dynasty armor … Many netizens feel the obstacles, think this catering the Western engraving impression of the Asian ethnic group. "This is beautiful? Is this not ugly?" A net friend is very representative, and the voice of many people.

In the face of this photo that caused an uproar, I don’t know how the photographer – China’s fashion photographer Chen is how to imagine? I don’t know where Dior exhibits this photo. Whether it is interested or unhappy, this photo is unacceptable.

Subject to netizens, can not criticize netizens’ glass heart, consciously enhance the number.

Most people living in the new era, I am afraid I can’t understand this practice of Dior.

This photo is too far from reality, and is too far-confident, elegant and generous oriental women.

Some people say this is art, and some people argue that "it is not a thousand articles for beauty." However, art can be cold, but it is not evil door.

Some netizens found that Chen is called "China’s Twelve Color" called Dior, which is similar to this exhibition photo style. Chen Yuan’s creation should be guaranteed, but she is accustomed to shaping a kind of artistic image that carses Western aesthetics, can’t compliment. There are still many cultural workers in reality, and it is not intentionally inadvertently to be beautiful, and it is obviously unclear.

Today’s China is full of vitality and hopes, the Chinese face is filled with big national gods and dignity.

As a literary staff in the new era, the responsible use of the camera is real recorded in China, and there is a responsibility to tell the vivid Chinese story, there is a responsibility to show the health of the Chinese people, not the opposite. Dior and "Chen" should see their unprical, reflect on their behavior from the fierce response of countless netizens. Up to now, Dior has not responded to this matter.

As an influential multinational enterprise, Dior is responsible for responding to public opinion, gives the world an account. (Editor: Tong Zong Li, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.

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