Tianjin Port strides to move towards the world’s first-class green smart hub port

Original title: Container throughput creation history, the best level, October 15 The box, the year-on-year increase, and it creates a high historical high.

According to the latest from January to August, the global port is completed, the Tianjin Port ranks eighth in the world’s top ten portions, the first place in the world’s top ten ports. Since this year, Tianjin Port Group has based in the new development stage, practice new development concepts, integrates into new development patterns, high-quality promotion of the world’s first-class green smart hub port construction, better service "Jincheng" "Bin City" double city development pattern.

Accelerate the promotion of transport structure adjustment, Tianjin Port Group vigorously promotes the "clock" transportation of ore and coal retrans over, and strives to create a "public turn iron + scattered collection" double demonstration port. The "scattered set" in the first three quarters completed the year-on-year growth, and the ratio of iron ore railway transportation reached nearly 65%, maintained in the country’s port. At the same time, fully promote the construction of smart ports, create an automated container terminal version, C-section intelligent container terminal is about to officially put production operation, no electric set of operations over 140,000 standard boxes, container business line acceptance rate over 95%, container main Business documents have reached 100% electronic.

Under the intention of wisdom, the direct ratio of the ship reached 94% in the first three quarters, the average operation time of the card is shortened to the minute, and the number of efficiency records of the terminal in the country has become the only foreign trade ship in the country’s large coastal port. For zero port.

  In addition, this year, Tianjin Port Group also developed 7 container routes, the total number of shrouded routes reached 133; inland logistics marketing network direct (joining) store increased to 114, joint domestic trade ship companies form China’s domestic trade containers Hong Kong Airlines Service Alliance, high standards release "sea high-speed -fast" brand. In the first three quarters, complete the "two Hong Kong navigation" work measurement of the standard box; the volume of branch of the Bohai Harbor is more than 30% year-on-year; the number of sea rails increased by more than 25% year-on-year; cross-border land bridge output increased by more than 20% year-on-year, The scale is the first place in the coastal port; "the boat direct" ratio reaches%, "arrival direct installed" proportion reaches%, better serves the South-North Economic Circulation and helps domestic international "double cycle".

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