Zhangjiakou: "one to one" to help enterprises solve problems

  Vigorously promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship and effectively serve the people’s livelihood Zhangjiakou: "one to one" to help enterprises solve problems – the province’s "double hit double service" front-line research activities line ⑤ "the company’s difficulties, the first thought is the management committee will. "recently, Zhangjiakou Airport economic Development Zone billion, iSoftStone Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" En Billion Tong Tong power ") integrated manager said with deep feeling. "The company in May 2017 into the park, is fancy here is my country’s first national renewable energy demonstration zone. From the beginning of floor plans, good local business environment, the government meticulous service, so that companies feel more confident development enough.

"En Tong said. YIHUA iSoftStone is a hydrogen fuel cell engine manufacturing based high-tech company, registered in 2017 by the billion-pass power production’s first hydrogen engine officially off the assembly line in Zhangjiakou east area, At present, the company has completed the annual output of 2,000 units of fuel cell production line.

And its parent company, Beijing Yihua Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic hydrogen fuel cell industry’s leading enterprises, is China’s first hydrogen listed shares.

  "During engine in the test line construction company hydrogen fuel, due to the construction project on the ground load-bearing requirements are relatively high, need to deal with. We see this reflected back to the CMC, they immediately contact the construction company, will be launched in a very short period of time secondary construction. "" after landing the company, many of the funds for support are actively assist the management Committee of running to do. "" Taking into account our most managers are Beijing over, especially to us with the management committee 40 sets of talents apartments for a company researchers can enjoy a good living facilities, to worry about their work.

"…… to bring government services, En Tong said a lot of breath.

  Zhangjiakou Airport Economic Development Zone is a provincial economic development zone, Zone is located in the park. Branch Management Committee by Deputy Secretary Meng Xiaoju daily job is to park enterprise communication and coordination to solve various problems. "Now that ‘escort services’ has been inaccurate, and should be ‘mom-service’.

"Meng Xiaoju smiled and said," Mom-service "is not only a duty, but also with feelings Similarly, Nanshan Industrial Park located in Zhangjiakou companies also enjoy such treatment." Responsive is a must.

"When it comes to service enterprises, industrial parks office director Jia said, the park introduced a" package with a director of a branch campus enterprise "system, all for enterprises to provide various services.

  Gilbert told reporters a few days ago, and brought gram automobile production car due to lack of parking in finding office park, the park in just a few days for it to find the right venue, so that the relevant person in charge of leading automotive companies owe grams .

  "Business has been ‘mother-service’, is behind the whole Zhangjiakou City, vigorously promote the ‘double hit double clothes’ work results.

"Zhangjiakou City Development and Reform Commission said that the main Renbai Jing, since the work carried out, Zhangjiakou meticulous organization, implement the plan, actively solve business problems.

  "We are also actively helping innovative model, a leader contact the service company ledger." Bai Jing reports, the city actively carry out the "one to one" "one to many" targeted assistance, 34 municipal leaders respectively 33 key enterprises, 31 provincial key projects, 21 key enterprises in the service sector to help settle, to help enterprises solve problems, and do practical things. At the same time, Zhangjiakou formulated a series of policies to optimize the business environment, and create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship development.

According to statistics, during the first half of this year increased by 16% the number of local enterprises, a net increase of 3002 over the end of 2017.

Around the development of new industries, new momentum, the city has introduced a number of strategic new industry leader in the project.

  "At present, the Beijing-flight landing UAV project has been signed, Jingdong Big Data Industrial Park, China Mobile, China Telecom call center project site has been completed, relevant work in both active in.

"Quartz introduction. (Reporter Li Yanhong).

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