Forgot to death, dare to overwhelmed all difficulties

  This kind of sacrifice of the life of the life, the unyielding willpower of the Chinese people who are selfless, will be willing to dedicate, is the strength of all the difficulties and obstacles on the road to the road. "There is also rain, the rain is no, the wind and rain, the wind and rain, Move forward.

"Not long ago, the large-scale documentary" of the wave "is" epidemic "broadcast, the theme song" wind and rain "sang the Chinese people, the Chinese people are not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of danger, 舍Forgot to death, unyielding and unyielding. At the national anti-corona peggy epidemic commendation meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Susheng forget to die, concentrated the Chinese people dare to overwrush all difficulties without being overwhelmed by any difficulties.

"From" unpaid remuneration, no matter what life and death ", please" where to need us, where to go where to go "swear words, from writing" If there is unfortunate, donate my body research to override the virus "95-after 95 nurse, The "50-year-old party pioneer" that is first entered into the pollution zone, adheres to the "50-year-old party" … Faced with the epidemic, the Chinese people have not been intimidated, but in the use of the mission to have a tiger, the feat of Tiger, write The stunning chapter of the song is soft, and today China, the campus book is smashed, the street traffic is woven, the factory machine roars, the rural canmade is full. This is a quiet life, and how many people who have forgotten the death behind, how much Not to be competent, how many silently dedication, how many strong fierce sacrifice! "Waiting for me, everyone work together" The last sentence of the wife, the police station of the Xunquan County Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, He Jianhua He Jianhua fell to the first line of the epidemic prevention and control … In this hard anti-vounger struggle, hundreds of retrograms have given a valuable person. life.

They go to their mission with life, with great love to protect the people; they use the shoulders to take the responsibility of the mountains, and build the steel Great Wall who combines the virus with the flesh. This sacrifice of this surrounded death showed selfless efforts, will be willing to dedicate, becoming 14 billion people in mind, and admired the spiritual spine. There is no hero who has dropped from the sky, only the mortals who come out. From the anti-hypophysical pioneer sacrificed to the country, the ordinary people who have been worried about the immunity is that countless people are fighting for ordinary, and we can make one possible to become possible. , Hand over the "China Answer" that makes the world.

In the case where the worker is unable to return, the Yuan Yawei, Suzhou, picks up a whole production line, insisting on 16 days in a day, finally completed the 200 sets of disinfection equipment orders from Wuhan; facing the difficulties in which traffic stop The 24-year-old female doctor will celebrate more than 300 kilometers for 4 days. I finally returned to the Wuhan fighter … In them, we saw the "epidemic ruthless people", and see the Chinese people. Dare to overwhelmed all difficulties without being overwhelmed by any difficulties. The Chinese nation can go through numerous disaster, still growing and growing. It has never been because there is a savior, but because there are thousands of ordinary people who have come up before the disaster is striking, generous forward! "Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improvement."

"Looking back, through the test of blood and fire, after suffering and difficult tempering, Chinese culture has cast the tough spiritual temperament. The Chinese people have formed a tenacious national character. This virus raid, countless people or towards insurance OK, or silently, life and death is not afraid, thousands of difficulties do not shrink, the great practice of anti-oanfinter struggle once again, the Chinese people have an indomitable will force, which is the strength of all difficulties in the road. Source of strength. The new journey of the great revival of the Chinese nation will inevitably have a difficult and heavy task, inevitably have difficulties and obstacles and even astonishing waves, but as long as we carry forward this kind of life forgetting, dare to overwhelmed all difficulties, as long as we rely on the people Everything is for the people, fully stimulates the will of the people and unyielding the people and perseverance, they will be able to win, from victory to victory.

  The wife of Peng Yinhua, the anti-vlorative martyr, was invited to participate in the national anti-necklace pneumonia epidemic commendation meeting.

When he heard the anti-vloys Warriors, "Husband who will never be honored to his wife will win", Zhongxin’s tears won.

Zhong Xin said that waiting for her daughter to grow up, to tell her hero’s dad’s deeds, to pass the spirit and strength of this fighter. The great importance, not only to pass on the children of the hero, but should be turned into every person in every heart, motivate everyone who is unfolded, and is tenacious and unreasting, giving together strong power to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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