Changsha Yanghu Tianjie holds the Dream Dream Dream Dreaming 2022 Huazhong

The event site. Corporate supplies People’s Network Changsha December 5th New Year, what we expect? Over the month. From December 4, Longhu Wishes "Long Xiaoshu", launched "Littlehoo Wish Action", and a series of New Year activities to celebrate. Tianjie Happy Season opened 2022 Dream Tour When the syndrome of Long Xiaoshu arrived in Changsha, representing the "Tianjie Happy Season" activity in Longhu Changsha Yanghu Tianjie officially kicked off. The Jian Street Happy Season is Lin Lake Group 55 projects in 13 cities in the country, together with "珠 造 dream DREAMING2022".

The image spokesperson of Longhu Group – Long Xiaoshu, the intention of the incident, the whole city, sent a surprise gift for Changsha citizens.

Immediately go to Longhu Changsha Yanghu Tianjie "Littlehoo New Year Wishes Station", you can play with Long Xiaohu, get a good gift, record the New Year’s wish. On December 31, Yanghu Tianjie will also randomly draw a lucky one, and achieve a good wish of luck on the evening of the Dream Night.赋能 创 创 珑 美 珑 珑 或 或 或 或 或 或 场 或 或 或 中心 中心 中心 或 中心 或 或 场 场 或 或 或 或 中心 消 或 或 各 或 各 中心 场 场 场 中心 各 场 或 或 各 或 中心 中心 中心 中心 中心 中心 各 各 中心 中心 各 场 场 场 中心 场 中心 中心 或Participate in the integration obtained.

All users who have actively authorized mobile phone numbers by Longhu’s clients can become 珑 users. At the same time, 珑 is also a representative of the "Longmin" identity, and the gallery is divided into V1-V5 five levels according to the growth value, the more consumption, the higher the 珠 user level. Hua Pear, there is also "save money" secret, "10 珑 抵 抵 1 yuan, the higher the level, the more deductible" In the heart.珑 can be applied to various agents of Longhu Group, deducting / returning to 珑珠 珠, according to the highest level of 珑 用户 用户 用户 最. The application of 珑 is not limited to points, consumes two levels, and builds a series of bead scenes, activities through multiple nodes, multi-dimensional.

In the 7th Longmin Festival event, Longhu Group has issued thousands of 千 全 全 全 全 全 全 珠 珠 珠 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领 领Longmin "people are mad.

The beads penetrate into each life scene, providing more divers, more rich play, creating more living ceremony, passing love and goodness.

Exquisite Dreams to connect the city beautiful wish as the first commercial project of Longhu Commercial Layout Changsha, Changsha Yanghu Tianjie commercial area of ??100,000 square meters, gathers nearly 300 high-quality brands at home and abroad, of which the city’s first store, the flagship store is about 40 %, Focusing on the city’s emerging families, middle and high-end business people and fashion trends, positioning as new cities, with humanities and ecological shoppingmalls, advocating new consumption of "roaming aesthetics home, exquisite living space" .

The project is positioned as "Unbound Beauty Living Center", in terms of space design, business layout, etc., with an immersion experience scene, build a marina, built a dream ladder and other special space, and opened in May 2021, it became the red card point of And a high 550,000 guest flow in the opening period. The opening of the "Little Prince" brought by the opening, China’s first exhibition, September "Doraemon’s super treasure chest" and Hunan Satellite TV "Niu Gong’s brother" near 20 star live program record, October Development Research Wang Anshun, deputy director of the center, visited the investigation, the night of the Yuefu District Artistic Living Festival, the night … Yanghu Tianjie, put humanities, sports, fashion, joy, food borderless, one-stop meeting social, consumption, gathering, Leisure consumption upgrade experience multidimensional demand, bringing a new shopping experience for Changsha citizens. Dreaming in the future, a new entrance to a beautiful life is one of the earliest business operators in China. Longhu Tianjie has entered 28 cities in the country, and 60 in the business malls, and there are more than 110 commercial projects. Among them, Huazhong District is based in Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang City, layout 12 self-holding Tianjie and 1 light asset commercial street.

Improving the commercial powerful brand appeal, refined operation of the business, high-quality operation strength, and good brand cooperation, Longhu will continue to bring a new consumer experience for Changsha, further accelerate the city commercial grid layout, heavy warehouse Changsha.

Future, Furong, Kaifu, Xinyao and other commercial projects will also be unveiled.

Longhu Business will promote the construction of a fashion consumption upgrade with a more efficient urban operation model, and continue to create an influential commercial landmark. (Liu Jiayu) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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