Adhere to the orientation of the problem-oriented direction, the guidance of the promotion of party history, learning education, continuous achievement of new achievements

  On October 22, the provincial party history learning education work will be held in Nanchang. Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Secretary, President Ye Jianchun attended and speaking, stressed that all departments across the province should study the spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Important Speech at the Party History of Education, Seriously study and implement the spirit of the party history, the spirit of the central guidance group, adhere to the problem-oriented, target orientation, effect or guide, promote the new achievements of party history education, better with the party history, to illuminate the road, excite the strength, Efforts to describe the new era of Jiangxi reform and development new paintings. The Minister of the Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee hosted the meeting.

At the meeting, the relevant responsible comrades of the Provincial Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office reported the relevant work proposal, the Provincial Department of Education, Xiwu County, and Shangrao City Guangxin District responsible comrades made a communication statement.

  Ye Jianchun pointed out that since the study of party history, the various departments of all parts of the province have carefully studied the important speech and important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on Party history education, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial party committee, carefully organized and carefully arranged Promote learning and presentation, and urged guidance and effectiveness. Ye Jianchun emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the ideological leadership, and solidize the innovation theory of the new era of the party’s innovation.

Practice to understand the spirit of the General Secretary of the General Secretary of the General Secretary of the Pacific, Combining General Secretary Xi Jinping in Commemorating the Important Speech at the 110th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, and in-depth study and implement the general secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important speech of Jiangxi’s important speech. Continue to deeply learn the pleasure, strengthen the demonstration, enrich the form carrier, further sense to understand the powerful truth and practice of the socialist thinking of China’s characteristic socialist thinking, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, better Use the party’s innovation theory to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work. It is necessary to highlight the use of heart, constantly consolidate the implementation of the "I do practical things for the masses". In-depth practice in the people-oriented thinking, carry forward the pragmatic style, pay attention to the normal life, solve the universal problem of the people reflecting the common needs and the universal problems of the concentrated common demand and existence, and the development of the difficult problem to solve, long-term The problem of people’s livelihood, ensuring a good one, one piece, let the people really feel the new change of the party history education.

To compact the responsible chain, strive to ensure the high quality of high standards of party history education. Strengthen organizational leadership, supervise guidance, promote guidance, and keep back the time to move the job task, promote the new leadership team and cadres to perform the duties to ensure that the new leadership team and cadres will be in place to ensure that no shift, work Continuous line, the work is not shipped by the person’s changes, and the party central deployment and the provincial party committee are effectively implemented.

It is necessary to adhere to the same frequency resonance, struggling to create a new situation in Jiangxi high-quality leap-forward development.

Adhere to the experience of learning party history, observe the reality, and promote work, promote the party history education and do the central work attending the frequency, and promote economic development, and promote common prosperity, better development and safety, high quality Complete the annual target task, strive to make the people of the province to share high quality life, and effectively transform the results of learning education into the actual results of Jiangxi high quality leaps. (Reporter Liu Yong) (Editor-in: Rona, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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