Gu Fang Zhou: A sugar pill protects hundreds of millions of children’s health (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, "People’s scientists" national honorary title winners)

On October 29th, Gu Fangzhou’s statue was held in Beijing Union Medical College. Wang Chen, the president of the Beijing Association of China Medical Sciences, and Wang Chen and Gu Fang Zhou, who had a daughter Gu Xiaoman, jointly unveiled the statue.

A scientist known as "Grandpa", "the" back "coefficient of" back "in this special way.

On September 29, 2019, the National Medal and National Honorary Title of the People’s Republic of China were held in the golden hall of the Beijing Great Hall. Gu Fangzhou was awarded the national honorary title of "People’s Scientists", and his wife Li took back to medals and certificates. Gu Fangzhou (above, information photo. Xinhua News), the principal of the original hospital, the famous medical scientist, viral scholar, medical educator. He first separates the spinal cord grayfitis virus in China, successfully developed the first batch of spinal cord gray inflammatory vaccine and spinal cord grayfamy sugar pills, which made a huge contribution to my country’s eliminating spinal cord grayfitis, is known as "Chinese polio vulcanic vaccine." ".

On January 2, 2019, Gu Fangzhou left the people calmly, and the year was 92 years old.

Walking the vaccine technology route polio is also known as polio, is an acute infectious disease that seriously threatens children’s health.

In the 1950s, polio was popular in our country.

In 1957, the 31-year-old Gu Fangzhou was in danger, led the research team to investigate the feces specimens of patients with spinal cord gysteria in some regions, and the spinal cord grayfitis virus was separated and successfully fixed. This is the first time I have separated viruses with monkeys and kidney tissue culture techniques. It proves that Type I main polio is prevalent with pathogenic and serological methods, providing epidemiological data for controlling spinal cord grayfritis.

In 1959, Gu Fangzhou found that when he visited the Soviet, it was found that "death" "live" vaccine has all his own opinions, and it can’t help.

Dead vaccine is safe, inefficient and expensive; living vaccines are cheap, efficient, but safety needs to be studied.

Which technology route is China chooses, no one can answer.

Gu Fangzhou fully considers the national power of national efforts, decisively suggests that my country must go to the vaccine route.

In December 1959, it was approved by the Ministry of Health.

As early as 1958, my country decided to establish a monkey experimental station in Kunming suburbs in Yunnan.

In January 1959, the monkey experimental station under construction was renamed the Institute of Medicine Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, in this regard as my country’s polio vaccine production base. In 1964, Gu Fang Zhou moved to Kunming. He is determined, just in Kunming, do a lifetime for this business.

Gu Fangzhou has recalls: "At that time, we didn’t have a house, and there was no place to live. It was really too hard, but everyone did it at that time it was a leggings and biting his teeth.

"I tried the vaccination of Vaccine Gufangzhou to formulate two step research programs: animal trials and clinical trials.

After the animal test passes, it enters a more critical clinical trial phase.

However, who is the first to do a human body test? Gu Fangzhou decided to try the vaccine first. Breaking the risk of possible, he drank a small bottle of vaccine solution. After a week, the vital signs were stable and there was no exception.

However, Gu Fangzhou faces a bigger problem: Most adults themselves have immunity to polio viruses, and must prove that vaccine is also safe to safety. So where do you find a preschool child? Who is willing to do his own children? "I am a leader, I took the lead.

"Gu Fangzhou hugs him the only child at the time.

"Our small east is less than 1 year, in line with the conditions, do you want to participate?" Later, five or six children of the laboratory colleague participated in this test, and the number of people quickly made up.

After a long time, the children’s vital signs were normal, and the clinical trials were passed successfully.

In 1960, 2000 people were put on in Beijing.

The phase II clinical trial showed that vaccine is safe and effective.

Subsequently, Gu Fangzhou expanded the number of people from 200,000 to 4.5 million, and launched a stage III clinical trial in major cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Shenyang. In December 1960, the first batch of 5 million people have been promoted through 11 cities across the country, soon curb the spread of the disease. Investing a vaccine city, popular peaks have cut. From the liquid vaccine to the sugar pills, it faces the gradually improved epidemic, and Gu Fangzhou is not loose.

At that time, liquid attenuated vaccines require low temperature storage, which is not conducive to large-scale promotion. When taking, the child is not willing to eat.

How can I make a vaccine that is convenient to transport and let the child love to eat? Gu Fangzhou suddenly inseparable: Why can’t you make a vaccine into a solid sugar pill? After more than a year of research and test, Gu Fangzhou finally successfully developed a sugar pill vaccine. Sugar pill vaccine is an upgraded version of a liquid vaccine: the premise of the storage period is greatly extended under the premise of saving the effective vaccine.

With the large-scale production of the sugar pill vaccine, my country entered the historical stage of full control of the popular spinal grayfritis. In 1975, Gu Fang Zhou team began to develop three-pronged mixed sugar pill vaccine. In 1985, the best matching program was finally explored, and the development of trivalent sugar pills was successfully developed.

In 1986, the trivalent sugar pill vaccine was promoted nationwide, providing a strong weapon for thoroughly eliminating spinal cord grayprint. In 1990, the national elimination of spinal cord grayficialritis has begun to implement, and the number of cases will decline in the year after several years. In 2000, "China eliminates spinal cord gray inflammation to report signing ceremony" in the original health department, 74-year-old Gu Fangzhou as a representative of Zheng Zhongzheng, marking my country has become a non-spinal vita-free country country. Gu Fangzhou is a hard work, and it has never been proud.

At the remains of the remains of Gu Fangzhou, a pair of tuning is hung at the door: "For a big thing, he is a big event to go to Zezi."

This is a portrayal of Gu Fangzhou.

A small sugar pill, protect the health of hundreds of millions of children. Gu Fang Zhou is poor, and has a successful number of work to eliminate spinal gray in China, and also established an eternal monument in the history of public health in my country.

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