Chaoyang District’s launching talker for rectification of cultural venues, suspension rectification mechanism

At 8 o’clock in the evening, in the Beijing Theater, three staff members are in the entrance to remind the audience to sweep their health code and stroke code, and take a temperature measurement of the entrance. At the entrance to the venue, in addition to disinfection and washing liquids, registration forms, etc., an epidemic prevention item such as N95 masks and secondary protective clothing is also equipped, and five self-service ticket pickup machines and a "waste mask special recycling bucket" are placed next to the ground. "The City Hall is strictly forbidden to diet, and the view is needed to wear a mask …" The sign on the hall, the screen, etc. constantly perform an epidemic prevention reminder. The entrance to the theater is dedicated to the item temporary storage station to help the people ‘s population storage packaging.

"All viewers must purchase online after purchase.

Before each movie is released, we will show a self-made ‘viewing epidemic pretrance. Each vintage hall is equipped with a special inspector to remind the audience to wear a mask. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Theater," All our first-line staff will regularly conduct nucleic acid testing, and the videos are implemented, and each game is at least 40 minutes to kill and ventilated, providing everyone with peace of mind.

"It is understood that in order to do a good job in the epidemic prevention work of the whole district, the Chaoyang District Wenxiao has formulated the three mechanisms of command dispatching, information communication, and emergency disposal, and has established emergency disposal programs. At the same time, continuous strengthening the Wen Dynasty The market will carry out full coverage of epidemic prevention and inspection, covering performances, singing and dancing entertainment, bookstores, theater, travel agencies, Internet cafes, electronic functions, scenic spots, and art parks, requires various places to implement decay in accordance with standards. Measures.

In places where there is an existence of epidemic prevention and control, the District Through Travel Service requires it to immediately rectify, launch interviews, suspension of rectification, and to ensure that the "Quartet Responsibility" is in place. (Ma Yuzhen) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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