IENGLISH’s second ETP competition will start puzzle games to help self -learning

On the day, Inglish, an autonomous product and mother tongue solution brand of Topponing, officially announced to play in English, and the second ETP contest of the IngLish ETP competition will start registration on March 15. One of the most well -received built -in modules in the training system. The ETP sector uses pure English visual auspicious games as a carrier. Through hearing, vision, and tactile sensory, it helps children to understand the specific vocabulary from no concept in the brain. Many Children have a strong interest in English because ETP falls in love with English.

32 provinces and cities, including special administrative districts and regions, have set a number of records. For more than 500 days, especially under the current double reduction policy, at home, in my spare time, using IngLish English has become a child’s habit. In addition to reading books, ETP is the child’s favorite plate because as a puzzle game, as a puzzle game, ETP can not only help children know words, integrate through, but also relax in the afterbirth, and can also play together with friends to cultivate children’s team collaboration and ability, and cultivate a certain sense of competition and responsibility. Partner, online team, collaborate, and progress together. It is used to the first ETP competition to upgrade the schedule system. The event will go through the ranking, rematch and finals, and finally decide the final ranking and winner in October. The event is only open on the weekend. Each team can only perform 7 PK per day and rank according to the accumulation of points.

, Stimulate children’s desire to explore.

Fashion is divided into a number of parts such as hats, clothes, pants, shoes, etc., which are highly collected. If you make a fashion, you can also unlock the special set. In addition, add a leisurely taste.

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