In many cases, the "Qi -dissolved Gel Communication" Municipal Health and Health Committee reminds: Pay attention to protecting

Original title: Notifying the "Gas Disciplinary Communication" Municipal Health and Health Committee reminded: Pay attention to the protection of "smoke produced by smoke from smoke, and it has been suspended in the air for a long time. Sometimes you can smell the smoke even if you can’t see it. taste.

New coronary viruses with a diameter of about micron can be attached to dust, droplets, or the droplet cores that lose water to spread air in the form of gas solution. This kind of transmission is the transmission of air solution. "Recently, there were many incidents of air -solving transmission caused by the transmission of gas solution. In response, the Chengdu Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a reminder: Pay attention to and protect it. Let’s take a look at the specific cases.

On April 10, the leadership group of the Ningbo outbreak prevention and control work in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province issued a notice that a certain case of diagnosis in Ningbo took a self -driving car (driving windows, unwaled masks) into a certain underground parking lot. The case stays in the parking lot and does not wear a mask, and there is a possibility of infection caused by air -soluble transmission; on April 12, the Taierzhuang District Party Committee of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province coordinates the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation leading group (headquarters) office. Reminder: A resident dug wild vegetables somewhere outdoors, and at the same time, there was a asymptomatic infected person staying there, and neither of them wore a mask. The resident was infected. Cause infection.

  Preventing gas -solution communication, remember these three points: It is necessary to standardize the mask Omikon mutant strain more likely to cause gas solution to spread. The transmission pathway in the "New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Ninth Edition)" also clearly proposes that in a relatively sealed environment, it will be transmitted through gas solution. The public should raise awareness of prevention and strictly comply with the requirements of the epidemic prevention of the mask. In the closed space of indoor, elevator, and toilet, we must scientifically regulate wearing masks; when there are many or dense people in outdoor places, do not take off the mask at will. Coughing and sneezing should pay attention to cough and sneezing is the main process of gas solution.

Therefore, when others are coughing and sneezing, try to avoid it, and try to avoid directly to others when coughing and sneezing.

In addition, do not spit everywhere. When spitting, spit the sputum into the paper towels and throw it away to reduce the pathogen of the pathogen in the air. Opening windows every day to ventilate and ventilation every day is an important measure to prevent the new coronal virus. Window ventilation helps to reduce the possible virus in the room and also help update the indoor air.

  Chengdu Daily Jinguan News reporter Wang Jingyu (Responsible editor: Yuan Lingling, Luo Yu) shared to let more people see it.

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