And since then, the interest has not been very high,And also learned from the crowd that the other party was the introducer who introduced Mrs. Mitori here。

Even more mention of each other,Mrs. Katori’s expression became heavier。
Under these relationships,It’s natural to ask the other person,And now there are no other people on the side,I think I didn’t have a word in Mrs. Matsushita’s house before,I can also ask questions smoothly now。
Tang Ze ran out all the way to the fork,Soon I saw Mrs. Katori’s figure。
“Mrs. Katori。”
I heard someone calling my name,The other side stood still and turned his head to see Tang Ze two,“Is there anything?”
“Sorry,Can i take you some time?”
“That one…I should leave school now,I’m going to pick up the baby…”Mrs. Katori rubbed her palms and said sorry:“If you can,Please come with me。”
Obviously she also knew that since the two criminals found her,Naturally won’t give up because of this little thing,So I simply suggested that the two of them go with her to pick up the child first。
The two are naturally indispensable,First, Mrs. Katori got two children, one child and one child,Then followed all the way to the other side’s house。
“Please come in。”
After letting the two children enter the house to play,Entertained them into the living room。
Be a guest at Neon,The host basically makes tea to entertain guests。
When Tang Ze sat in the living room waiting for the hostess to make tea,Two children are in the room beside the living room,Watching the toy train running on the track without stopping,issue“Wow”The sound of。
Mrs. Katori came over with the tea tray,Put the cup in front of two people,Smiled while pouring tea:“I always thought criminals were the more terrifying kind of people。”
“The style is different。”Tang Ze smiled:“It’s the same as ladies。”
“Yep?”Katori made a puzzled sound。
“All of you gathered at Mrs. Matsushita today,Everyone is of all kinds。”Tang Ze threw an open topic in the small chat,Want to see how the other person answers。
“what,Indeed,But among them,Only Ms. Matsushita is a celebrity。”Mrs. Katori smiled and replied。

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