And wait until Monday to go to work…Ha ha,The case comes。

The body lying on the ground is a man in his thirties,Clothes don’t look good,And can see on both sides of the pants,There are several obvious cracks。
Tang Ze pulled the crack slightly and took a look,I found that although it is a bit winding,But the whole is still a straight line,It’s not so much the pants damage is more like a knife。
Although the wound under the clothes can’t be seen clearly,Tang Ze and others need to go back and wait for the autopsy report,But otherwise,The palms of the opponent’s hands also have straight wounds,Corroborated this fact。
But these wounds look serious,But not fatal,The real cause of death,It was the death caused by falling from the roof of the old building next to it。
“so,The deceased was chased here by a guy with a sharp blade like a knife,And fell down?…”
Come to the roof,Takagi goes backwards,Open your palms to make a defense,Simulate the appearance of the deceased when attacked,One side retreated close to the edge of the roof。
Look down from the rooftop,Can just see the dead and fall on the ground below。
“But there is no way to detect footprints。”Tang Ze looked at the rain-wet ground on the roof and said helplessly。
Although there are many forensic personnel on the rooftop at the moment,But yesterday’s rain made it much more difficult to obtain evidence,There is no way to confirm the footprints to confirm whether the deceased has been on the rooftop。
After pulling the body back,Tang Ze and others soon returned to the Metropolitan Police Department,Start looking at the objects on the body,At the same time, waiting for the autopsy information。
“There is no money in the deceased’s wallet。”Takagi looked through the wallet and guessed:“Is it a robber killing someone??If this is the case, it’s really difficult,Random occasional robberies are too liquid。”
“Don’t be dissatisfied,At least it left us something。”
Tang Ze took the remaining National Health Insurance card in his wallet:“With identification,At least we are not at a loss。”

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