”Ha ha,Do not worry,If he doesn’t listen to education,I’ll just fix him,I know that guy’s temperament,It’s nothing more than a villain who is greedy for life and fear of death,If it doesn’t work,I can also ask some demigods to help,But the effect will be much worse。“Gangster touching his beard,Get into self-analysis。

In this case,Then I’ll wait for him to analyze it,I can’t get out anyway。So I started a boring life in detention,The boss told me to sit cross-legged and learn to talk,He also said that people who can’t breathe are not worthy of mastery,I had no choice but to play Five Hearts as he said,Slowly summarize the power of the limbs into the sea hole。
Big guy said,Immature squeeze output is not a good thing,Such devastating use will harm the body,I also said that only a strong body can withstand the impact of divine power,But the body’s strength comes from exercise and breathing,I was confused by his theory,It turns out that I am not suitable for learning those abstract theories,I just need to forcefully fight those bastards。
as usual,The boss won’t let me eat food,But eat that tree root every day,What do you say you can eat the roots of the tree,Although I don’t buy into his shit theory,But it must be admitted,The roots of the tree really grow fluid to stop hunger,But also able to bless one’s own divine power。
If you want to use the health bar to describe the divine power value,It was 30% before,It’s fifty now。
Repeated breathing,Meditate,Tuna,Then there are various fighting skills,And how to match the divine power output,The boss taught me very carefully,Also very patient,He was a little worried when he knew that my third eye was turned on:”Your soul has not yet condensed,It’s too early to open the Third Eye!If you don’t have a soul, open your third eye,It’s like driving on high speed without glass windows,This risk is very big。“
I thought that opening the third eye would help me fight for extra points,Unexpectedly, the battle in the valley almost died because of opening the third eye!
It seems that the elder is really trying to harm me,After two days of training and guidance,The boss still doesn’t know my supernatural power attribute,He gave me the pulse like an old Chinese doctor,The bearded face is full of confusion:”It’s impossible,Is your kid a monster?He has a lot of power,But why can’t find the attribute?“
At night,He looked up at the ceiling of the dark room in a daze,He used to sit down and fell asleep,But he is abnormal this day,Maybe it’s time,He still didn’t show me the result,So worried。
I glanced at him,Secretly snickering,So I lay aside and fell asleep on the straw。
Sleeping groggy in the middle of the night,Suddenly he was woken up,I was shocked,Open your eyes and take a look,Turned out to be a big beard,He looked at me in surprise:”Xiao Zhao,I know your attributes?You are the legendary ice and fire power!You have two supernatural qualities in you,And these two divine powers are chaotic and sticky,So I can’t tell the attributes!Ouch,Just for this,It’s making my head hurt these days,I never thought you were the legendary god of ice and fire!“
Looking at the boss’s ecstatic look,I’m so confused,God of Ice and Fire?I may not be the same!
This sounds a lot like some kind of hidden project in a clubhouse,I have been yearning to admire,But I have never had the chance to experience,I didn’t expect that I would get such weird power on the island,Should I cry or laugh?

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