“Hey…Tang Zejun…Are you sure they are not children playing house?”Officer Mumu looked at the little ones all the way,Can’t help showing a black line。

“Don’t worry, Officer Megome,As long as the treasure map is real。”
Tang Ze watched a few kids come to a burger restaurant,Take out the intercom channel:“All class personnel pay attention to the surrounding,Report。”
“Aclass,No exception。”
“Bclass,No exception。”
“Cclass,Find the target!!Cclass,Find the target!!”
Hear the words from the walkie-talkie,Officer Megome immediately looked for the target,Soon three people were found in the dark street opposite the burger shop。
“Aclass、BAfter the shift,CClass attract attention,Take advantage of the situation!”
“Ready to arrest,There may be guns on the opponent,Must be a blow!”
With the orders of Officer Megumi,CBan disguised as a couple, Mikako Sato took Takagi’s arm and slowly walked towards the street entrance。
And the four people behind have already appeared,Pretending to be an office worker discussing something,When the three bandits who focused on Conan and others reacted,Surrounding net has been formed。
I saw Mikako Sato rush to the long-haired man,A straight fist hit its soft belly,The pain caused him to bow like a reflex,The next moment the knee hits his chin directly。
Although the other two foreigners are very tall,But here are five people,And there are more policemen rushing here,Soon subdued the two。
Search it down,I found the gun hidden in the opponent’s arms,Officer Megome relaxed completely now。
With this evidence in,Basically, this operation was successfully completed。
And the police arrest also caused crowds on the street,But after the prisoner was put in the car, he soon dispersed,Only the sound of heated discussions。
The few people in the burger restaurant are probably the clearest group of people.,After all, it’s directly opposite,They also witnessed the whole process of the arrest。

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