Struggling room,Hattori Heiji grabbed the clown’s chest,Because of too much force,Even directly dragged a red button off his body,

Button tearing inertia with force,The jumping room fell from the steps to the ground。
In the last row of the bus,The young man next to Conan saw this situation,Immediately stood up and shouted,At the same time struggling to resist。
“do not move!be honest!”
But Ryosuke is just an ordinary person,Ryosuke who just got up the next moment,Was pressed on the seat by a short-haired yellow hair on the car,The icy gun reached his temple。
this moment,Ryosuke’s heart is full of regret and fear。
He never thought he would get in the wrong car,Then I got involved in such a kidnapping case inexplicably,I may lose my life at any time。
Him now,I really hope that time can go back,Let yourself go back to the hospital,Insist on staying with his wife,Instead of being insisted by his wife,Let him work at night tonight。otherwise,I won’t be involved in this unfortunate case!I am afraid that even the wife did not expect such a thing to happen.,Obviously I encourage myself to work and make money,Even before production,I didn’t let my husband be by my side。
But I didn’t expect to get myself involved in danger,Even with the development of the case,The possibility of losing your life is also very high。Thinking of a pregnant wife and an upcoming child,Ryosuke’s desire to survive is extremely strong。So when Hattori Heiji, someone who seemed to have discovered the clue, appeared,And fighting with that clown,He immediately stood up and wanted to call for help and resist。at the same time,Just when I saw Ryosuke getting up,Conan sitting next to him thought he would have a chance to resist。
But just when something needs to be done,I saw Ryosuke being subdued by yellow hair instantly,In desperation can only stop the action,For the time being。
no way,Plus clown,There are three gangsters in the car。
Now the clown is fighting peacefully,If Ryosuke can contain one of them,Conan uses anesthesia needle,Be sure to solve the remaining one by surprise。
Then use football with strong kick,Solve the clown or the people around,Then the two-on-one is still very sure to win and complete the anti-kill。
But the other person is just an ordinary person,And it looks like a weak chicken,The resistance was subdued by the gangster in an instant,With hostages,Is sure to solve the rest,I can’t act rashly。
Otherwise, the companion will be paralyzed,When one person is pinned down,In case of possible anti-kill at any time,Maybe the opponent will deter the rebels,And chose to shoot and kill the hostages。
Just shoot indiscriminately in the car,With so many children,The bullets that jump shot also have a high chance of causing casualties。
So this little chance of victory,It slipped away from Conan’s hand like a firework。
I saw that person wearing a black leather jacket、The gangster with black gloves immediately got up from the rear seat,Cooperating with the clown, he immediately dragged Hattori Heiji to the car,Then he held the gun and pressed Heiji on the seat in the corner next to Conan。

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