Ouyang was embarrassed by these words:”Tao Tao, don’t spit people!When did I go to see them take a bath!Guo Jinhai is peeking, OK?,I am afraid that they are in danger, so I lurked there to protect them!You also know that Guo Jinhai is not a good person!“

”You lied!Guo Jinhai was not there at all!Only you peeped at them!If it wasn’t for my diarrhea that day,I don’t know that your dead glasses are also a bleak blank!“Tao Tao sneered contemptuously。
I look at Ouyang who is embarrassed,I didn’t expect this guy to make up a lie to me,But what purpose does this guy say those have?
I am lost in thought,Suddenly there was a spark in my head,Since they are all on the scene,I just let them debate with each other,So you know their motives。
Chapter Forty Four Suddenly turned back
”Tao Tao,Don’t say anything else,Since everyone is here today,I want to ask you something important。“
My body gradually recovered,The broth in the coconut shell also began to churn and boil,The fragrant smell permeates all over,I guess the meat inside is also cooked,But we don’t care about food,Everyone looks at each other,Everyone’s eyes contain complex content。
”Row!go ahead!As long as I know!“Tao Tao is also simply,She went to the fire and sat down,Flicked his hair like a demonstration。
With a wooden spear in his hand,Some Ouyang who doesn’t know where to put it is very embarrassed:”Brother Zhao,I can put the ugly words first,You can’t hear the truth here in Tao Tao。“
”Oh?“I looked at him pretending to be very interested,It looks like the show is about to kick off!
Tao Tao sneered:”Dead glasses,Of course I’m not as good as you in terms of lying and bragging!“
Ouyang carried the wooden spear and walked to the fire,He looked down at Tao Tao:”Do not brag,I’ll know when I say it!“Finished,He actually sat down opposite Tao Tao,His face returned to calmness。
“Brother Zhao,I wanted to tell you before something happened,But I am not sure whether it is true or false,So i didn’t dare to tell you,Now i think i can say。”Ouyang looked at Tao Tao。
“Don’t detour,Say quickly!”
I quietly touched the knife at my waist,to be frank,I don’t trust anyone now,These guys have the possibility to fuck me!
“I suspect that Guo Jinhai used Tao Tao to track down your residence!”Ouyang suddenly pointed at Tao Tao,Face is very excited。
Tao Tao sneered disapprovingly:“Dead glasses,What basis do you have for saying this?”
“This morning,Guo Jinhai let me out to fish again,I originally came out,Later I want to go back to the cave to get something to eat on the way,Turns out to see you few sneaky meeting in the cave。I was strange at the time,Why didn’t you see Chu Hong and Su Mei,So I couldn’t help eavesdropping for a while,Finally, I heard Guo Jinhai talk about telescopes,He said that he has been rehearsing for so long,Can’t give up,I also told you to be careful with Zhao Pu,Don’t be found when you take things。”

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