Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two Lost my love
“Sorry,I don’t know this!”Huidai’s face is a little frightened。
“Zhao Pujun,We have no right to deal with the new god,Only the elders and leaders know。”
I shook her hand and stroked it gently,Try to ease her emotions,Huidai told me how she went to the island,1983year,Japan’s economic downturn,Many Japanese go abroad to survive,Huidai also traveled across oceans with his parents,Ready to find a job in a better developed country。
When the ship sailed into the Pacific Ocean,There was a storm at sea,The ship has a strange breakdown again,So the whole ship sank in the wind and rain,Her parents are also missing,I followed many people to drift to the island not long ago,They were captured by savages,To the sacred tree。
After some time,Huidai has a certain understanding of the patron saint,She fell in love with this family-like tribe,So she joined the ethnic group,Soon she and a group of survivors met with the elders,They visited the gods under the guidance of the elders,And then reached an undead covenant with the gods。
Everything goes naturally and harmoniously,Huidai only found out later,So-called undead covenant,That means she can get eternal life qualification,But there is a price to use this qualification,She must serve the gods unconditionally,Meet all the requirements of the gods,Follow their instructions。
After completing a series of worship rituals,Huidai and more girls were sent to the inner island,Systematic learning in a more secret space,Learning content includes multiple languages,Assassination spy,disguise,Driving various vehicles,Proficiency in various firearms,Sexual skills,psychology,logic,Advanced Metaphysics,Even let them learn an ancient and mysterious language。
Huidai didn’t know the purpose of the gods,But she still serves the gods faithfully,Even going back to land to perform many secret missions,The content of these tasks is very ridiculous,Beyond Huidai’s imagination and cognition,But she dare not doubt,Can only be executed loyally。
After many years of assessment and testing,She and a group of girls passed the standard,Then they were assigned to live in the sacred tree,And Huidai’s main task is to serve the newly selected gods,Let them be satisfied physically and mentally,Let them have the best state to transform。
Although I have been numb by various horror and strange events before,But Huidai’s remarks refreshed my knowledge of the island,It’s like a book gradually reveals more content,I feel like I’m getting close to the core of truth!
I try to make the atmosphere more relaxed,So slow down:“Have you visited your hometown after you returned to the land??”

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