This pull wind and Sadda bow have looked at Dongfang Yin,Don’t want to let Dongfang Yin。

Dongfang Yinnan nodded,Her figure steps,The next moment is in the void outside more than ten kilometers.,The void outside the more than ten kilometers is standing in Lin Feng and a beautiful figure.。
This shades wear black,Carry a gun,Herone is the night cold,Night Qing cold is always around,There is no show。
Dongfang Yin saw the night clearing,Her face is slightly cold,A deep face:“Forest president,what do you mean?”
“Means nothing。”Lin Fengnan stopped the foot:“Matters,Must come to discuss here,This is the main night of Huangquan。”
“Night cold!”
Dongfang Yin wondered the beautiful and charming cheeks showed a laugh。
Night clear cold,Instead, I am quieting Dongfang Yin.,Women in front of me2More time in the past,Not much change,The only change is sex,Magic occupies an absolute dominance。
“You are very like me a girlfriend。”After the night, I was slow and long.。
“Oh,Yes?”Dongfang Yin Wen said a faint road:“Less nonsense,My time is limited,Forest president,Huangquan Lord,What is going on?”
“Is such that,You should have heard of vacuum technology。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Although the Oriental Lord is unspeakable,However, the people who are collectively do not think that the Oriental will be like this.。”
“Vacuum nuclear technology?I already knew it,I don’t even know what you know.。”Dongfang Yin carry your hands touching:“Is there anything to say?。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words:“I want to capture vacuum technology,But need a partner。”
“partner?”The mouth of the Eastern Yins is showing a bright smile:“Why choose me??Lin Feng?”
Lin Feng looked at this beautiful smile,Heart god slight shock,He has a dream sensation,Whey Wushan,But so strange。
“You need tric nuclear technology!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“It also faces the threat of vacuum nuclear technology!”
“good,My god is a threat to vacuum technology.,Vacuum nuclear technology,But I will not cooperate with you.。”The East Yinmei is as bright as Shenhua,Her body emits magical beauty。
Her figure between talking is directly turned to disappear。
Lin Feng and night clear cold two people smile,Hybrid color,Becha is not given to them at all。
“You found no,Her hostility is bigger than others,Contradict us。”Night cold explanation。
“good,What is it?,Yao Yao said she is when she is,She directly deals with Snow and Yin。”Lin Feng analysis:“I speculate that the magic in her heart occupies the dominance,But the other side does not turn over。”
“So I will not be able to contact us.。”Night Cooky:“Unfortunately, we can’t take her uniform.。”
This is an instinctive reaction,Although I don’t know how high it is in the cultivation of Dongfang Yin.,But I feel the feeling of extreme crises to night cold cold.。
Not only her,Lin Feng is also the same,I don’t have to grasp the place of the Oriental Inn.。
If it is failed,I am afraid I will provoke the orientation of the east.,Unnecessary casualties,This is Lin Feng and Night Cold, I don’t want to see it.。
“I can only wait a chance.。”Lin Feng looks at the direction of the Oriental.:“All right,We also go back.,After going back, I will talk about cooperation with the white bear empire.,Seize vacuum nuclear technology。”
“Um!”Night Qing Hao Wen Yan nodded。
We immediately turned around Lin Feng and night cold.,When they return to everyone aggregated area,The great power of Huaxia has almost seated,Only members of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce gathered there。
“How to negotiate?”Golden big snake directly draws a few words。
“no。”Lin Fengnan shook his head:“Hostility is very deep!”
“Magic dominance,I can only wake up another side with you.,So you look for other chances.。”Golden big snake draws a few words:“Don’t force her more!”
“I understand this。”Lin Feng took a deep breath:“Finally, she has no problem.,All right,Let’s go back.。”

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