I will make yourself with you again.,after all,Yucheng no one knows more about the fragrance of the six towns.。

However,Gao Bao is so hard,Don’t bring yourself,Then heroes with sections!
The most incredible thing is,Gao Bao is actually winning this.,Although the process is very casual,But winning is to win,War is a project that only results!
Winner,If you lose, you should be honest.!
You don’t trust it.,Gao Bo Yi let the Langguang Town,This is not a trust,That is really nothing to trust.。But you have to reuse it.,This decisive battle does not let yourself go.,The Light is really a bit not thinking about it.。
“Everyone is all right.,Gao Chang Gong is currently guarding in Jincheng Town,Surieted by Six Town,Situation is very critical。I think,Duan Yao should give up from the direction of the River River,But put the center of gravity in Hiudong!”
Gao Bo Yi is a big map with a wooden stick pointing at the table.,That place is Jincheng!
“Just take the Jincheng,Duan Yu can take all the way to grab all the way,His replenishment is no longer a problem。I still remember that Hou Jing in the beginning of the South,Only by eight hundred rabbit head army,Pulling tens of thousands of army,What is the matter of the South Dynasty??”
Gao Baoyi said coldly:“Today’s section,The strength and capital of your hand,It is much more than Hou Jing.。”
The field will be a cold breath。What kind of hammer is hurting in the south beam?,It can be said that all the scenes are in my heart.,After all, this is not over.。
Zhang Wei、Billow light and other people have even told Hou Jing。
So Gao Biyi said it is very reasonable.,Jincheng can’t stand,So Duan Zhao and Six Town is like a cancer cells that are spreading.,Diffusion to the whole country。
What do these people don’t need to do?,As long as every one is,Dry off the government,Dry a large number of people,Then open the grain,Let the poor have a hatred and revenge.。
This year,Which family big butt is clean??
Those slaves and 佃 佃 have ventified enough,Out of the fear of Qi Guofu and the huge power of the family,Can only join Duan Yao’s army。
so,He only destroyed regardless of the construction,You can walk along the way,Easily develop hundreds of thousands of army!
As for the consequence,Duan Yu is now forced to escape,He will also speak with you.?
The present will only feel that the battle of Jincheng is major,But I didn’t think this,They didn’t think about it.,Duan Zhao is failed,In fact, it will not be simple.,Six Town, Xianbei can also become a general team!
“It seems that everyone has no opinion.。So I want to bring 10,000 Goddess and two hundred dietary boxes.,With a heavy grain grass to Jincheng。
This kind of march is really slow,However, I estimate that Jin Yang’s enemy is also a hurt.,Need to trim。Duan Yao will not hurry, pull the newly defeated army to go out to make a bad battle.。
So we really test,Probably in the winter after a month。”
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NS979chapter Leave again(middle)
Yizheng’s Qiqi Development Bank,Take a long team,I can’t see my head.。This“Semi-official”Institution,But the door is closed,Already on the morning,But did not open the door yet。
These people are not stacked here.,In fact, it is also very simple.,Because they want to buy“War bond”!These people are home slaves sent by the big family.,Directive they get,Is to buy bonds as much as possible。
If there is a purchase condition,Be sure to first ask him to clear it again and then report it.!
At the beginning, you love my love.,Now I am highly climbed.!
Some people in some people are almost almost regretting the intestines.!
Although I originally subscribed“War bond”when,Both people have committed to buy a lot of purchase,Actually,More than half is still unwilling!
And the family tree is deep,Foliage。Each home、Branch of West House,Every room,Again,The whole family is very large,All between,I don’t have to be exactly the same.。
There are a lot of optimistic high-altitude,Of course, I can’t afford him.。I can’t afford him.,Purchase bonds,Naturally, it can only be considered“Meant interest”。
Now send people to queue,Most of these people are these people。
For such wall grass,Get Gao Bao Yi command,Directly close,Will this batch first,When the sun goes down the mountain,Open a fragrant time,Then continue closing!
It is necessary to use this means,Guy, which is higher than top,Let them know,Sin, he highly,Although it will not be directly stored,but,Want to please good,That is unable to!
Dating the street corner of the bank where the bank is located,Stop a decorative ordinary yak,A young man who has just been awkward,See this situation,Sigh:“Early knowing this,Why bother??”
“How is it??Do you have a sympathy??”
Gao Baoyi is like a smile,Look at the high of the eyes。
“Trend,Human nature。And after autumn,It is also an unconfilled reason.。At the beginning,How big is it now?,There is a truth between the world.?”

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