“What did you say?”

“What’s the matter?Like mortal language,I didn’t understand……”I left the fire and made gestures with my hands,In fact, the body’s center of gravity is slowly sinking,He even the five law enforcement elders are extremely difficult,Work together to show the five elements,Even if he disappears instantly,The ability to shield the breath is also difficult to escape,So on the one hand, keep your brother steady,A chance to escape suddenly。
“Mortal words?Learn from me。”
“Like a bird,How i learned?”‘Come’The word just exits,A ring of fire suddenly burst out from the whole body of the fire,Swiftly cut all around,Attack in five directions respectively,But his body suddenly disappeared。
“Presumptuous!”The old man in Yi Shui Temple shouted,Don’t avoid this raging fire,The robe exploded suddenly,Turn into feminine water,The flame that struck was quickly extinguished,At the same time the body disappeared。
The other four law enforcement elders also have their own means to defuse the fire attack,And then disappeared,Only Liyun is left standing on the cloud,His eyes are slightly closed,In fact, the perception is very vigilant,I don’t know when he has a red spear in his hand,The tip of the gun makes a humming sound,Obviously very angry,I will never let this troublemaker escape today。
From time to time in the distance of the clouds, thunder-like noises are heard,Extremely irregular orientation,Suddenly,Or for a while, then for a while,Li Yun’s body slowly disappeared in mid-air,He knew that the brother had been entangled by the law enforcement elder,It’s just that this guy is too cunning,Slippery like a fish in the water,Yi Liyun’s understanding of brothers,If this guy is aggressive, it will definitely hit the defensive barrier,His sense of smell is unusually sensitive,You should be able to find out where the barrier is weak soon。
as expected,Just when Li Yun arrived at the pre-determined position,An unusual air current rushed over,There are purer qi chasing up, down, left and right,Li Yun raised his gun with both hands,Orientation,Decisively stabbed out,A muffled bang,Followed by a very harsh blast,Clouds and air explode like water waves,The big red spear in his hand broke from it,The huge momentum will shake out the cloud tens of feet away。
Although Li Huo forced his brother back with one move,But the figure is completely exposed,A large white net suddenly emerged from the transparent air,Skynet is formed in the whole body of Lihuo,in all directions,everywhere,Brother Pingtou in the Golden Wind Hall shouted,“From!”
Five elders work together,The big net tightens instantly,In this big net,The secret of escape from the fire is completely invalid,Hesitate,He still gave up offering the great fire,Only a hint of resentment flashed in his eyes,The white grid turned into countless dense threads,Quickly entangled on Lihuo,Bundle it with three layers inside and three layers outside,Like zongzi。
“Bring this boy back to Black Fire Cliff,Listen to!”
“Qingtong、Where is my torch?”
“I’m waiting。”
“What happened to the boy Acheng??”
Qingtong and Wu Ju stare at each other,Qingtong gritted his teeth in the end,“He fell into the melting abyss next to the Black Fire Cliff。”
“Follow me to the Black Fire Cliff。”Li Yun sighed,Fly away。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven Horse monkey

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