Chapter 965 Machine godroom

Machine God organizes this side,I know that the equipment brought to the monsters is black.,And there is a connectionG5They were all made into scrap iron,The people in the organization are angry.。
They have worked with the monsters.,Although the result failed,But I have to say that it is quite happy before cooperation.。
So the machine god organization did not think,This monster is actually turning his face.,Do they not afraid that our machine gods organize to join the camps in their camps??
But very fast,Machine gods also understand,Why is the current geek association,Don’t put them in your eyes。
Hundreds of ghosts appear at the same time,And destroy each city,Such a big hand,Obviously, the monsters have now been in the past.。
Their machine gods now really can’t afford the other party,However, the machine gods are quite curious,Why did the monsters who have been smashed from the broken crush suddenly reunited,And now the strength is still strong than before.?
“I will know the equipment on the body.,Don’t get rid of these guys。
Just I didn’t expect you to find someone to cooperate,Finally, it was actually sold by people.,This is a good joke.。”
I haven’t waited for the organic gods to think good.,How can I find a monster association?,One is different from the sound of their members,Suddenly echoing in the laboratory。
Night figure,Also slowly came out from the darkness,And when the people organized by the gods saw the face of the night,None of disappointment。
They didn’t feel vainful,That is because they are only some of them.,Even if it’s broken,It is not much loss of materials.。
But now the night is in front of them.,A group of weaknesses,How to be the opponent of the Night this Name。
Has still have no wait for the people to organize the people to start the base defense system,They found their own body could not move.,Because the minds of the night, I have been controlled one step in advance.。
“You can’t kill us,People sitting here,Both are the best scientists in the world,If we strang it,Will be the world’s largest loss!”
A male youth looks at your own twisted joints,Suddenly, I looked at night.。
Although they don’t know,How does the night find this place?,But the life is tight,So just express it to the night.,I am the importance of myself for future technology。
“Oh,Do you have any relationship with me??It is also a person who also comes to himself.?
in my opinion,If you don’t kill you,This is the world’s biggest loss。
And you think,I will let another cooperation with the monsters.,Do you want the organization of our three sisters to the test items??”
The person who has not waited for the organizational gods once again said the words of gratification,Ignored“Clicter”Down,All scientists organized by the gods, the first separation of the body fell on the ground。
Blood renders the entire ground,The entire base is also in the night of the night.,Directly chemical into ruins。
Dr. CinosBuePreviously resolved the battle suit,Accidental discovery of residual signal sources,So the night found this place。
Originally intended to overhave the gods organization,Just just listening to the other party, I seem to have to take my own two sisters as experiments.,So night, I will keep the opposite side.。
Dragon rolls have been encountered by experiments,It is one of the anti-scales of the night.,These people actually want to catch two other sisters as experiments.,This is undoubtedly a dead road。
The encounter of young dragons,There is also the 18th of Dr. Coro.,Everything,Let the night for these crazy scientists,There is no good feeling at all.。
So he just didn’t even want to listen to the other party nonsense.,Instead, let those people will do all.。
“Machine god organization solved,Then there should be only that guy.,The geeks of the monsters suddenly become so strong,Say there is no one behind the other party,I will never believe it.。
But that guy seems to know that I have been looking for him.,Always deliberately hidden。
pity“Killing God”The skill level is too low,Unable to capture his breath,I can only solve the weirdo association first.。”
Looking at the gods organization base that turns into a bunch of ruins,An air flame is burst on the night,Instant shot to the sky。
In the geeks association at this time,Black sperm sitting on the top position,I heard the failure of each city and the casualties of the heroes.,Out of a satisfactory expression。
With the current strength of their monsters,Heroes Association is a dish in front of them.。
Now they are sent to hundreds of heads“Ghost”,Want to try the level of hero association,But I didn’t expect the other party, I couldn’t stay.。
That’s that they left the association.“Ghost”All sent out,At all dozens of dragon-level geeks,Human is not completely inception.?
In each city at this time,Humans don’t have some hilarity.,The strength of the ghost geeks is strong,Technology equipment now,noSThe heroes of the class will not hold.。
But in this life and death,Many strong people who have never been exposed before,I also started,Resist this large-scale monster attack。
Human is actually very strong,The strong is not only only those professional heroes.,But some people are not here,So there is no choice to become a hero。
Water dragon、Sonic、Bangpi with lightning and other people,Which one is not a strengthSPresence,But they are not a hero。

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