“If you don’t retreat at this moment,Don’t blame, I will retrieve your life.。”
“Humph!Whoever takes the life, only the true chapter。”
Lin loudly,Rainy days are not hurting,And someone is adequate,court death。
In this case,Then you are welcome.。
Slow down,A drop of rain drops from the roof,Immediately fierce,In an instant vitality,The wood products in the bedroom have grown。
38th chapter widow temple
The man who is surprisingly surprised by his awareness in front of him.。
The underwater consciousness is swallowed。
Probably conjoys。
Now escape now,Can you come??
Lin looked at him has gone to the color,More disdainful。
The sword in the hand is not fast,But there is a force that is unquestionable。
Men’s hand is in the hands of the knife in your hand。
I only feel that the knife in the hand is heavy.。
When he successfully blocked the sword of the forest,Tone。
Fortunately, I blocked it.。
When he realized that the tender buds that have just been opened as Lin lived their mouths,Instantly withered,Yell“not good”。
Lin ring swords from the source of life, the power of the winter, the man will go out directly。
Man flying in half empty free falls smashed a table outside。
“Oy”A,Hurt to face。
Lin ringing indifference:
“I am old with the boss.,She is dead,I will help her.,If you have more idle,Don’t blame me, you are welcome.。”
Man struggling to stand up,Alert,At the same time:
“It’s me Tang.。Master like you,Why must a break beef。”
Lin loud to the man’s card is very satisfied,So I will encounter multi-tube idle.,Be sleled like this,Taking service。
No longer,Start continuing in the bedroom in Wenji。
“Master。I am a new reviewer of Pingyang Government.,Find something I am walking。”
Linfang stop,Looking back to the suspicion:
“Vista?Where is it??”
“Master。You don’t know,The Division of the Division is a newly established Tuen Mun.,Special tricky case,And I am six head head Jianghang.。”
“Several people?”

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