“it is good,This note is!”

Immortal,Xian Tian is waiting for this program, etc.。
“Besides,I don’t want to play what to play.,He is ending!”Xianzhen Dragon is cold and refers to a corpse under the Shenling Tree.。
“True dragon brother,Why is this?”Xianxiong worldwide and Xian Tianchen, etc. Xian family, watching the fairy body, can’t help but hit。
This is also a fear of fear on your face.。
This is the reason for their compromise。
“Allocate,First post a blood vow!”Xianzhen Dragon laughs。
“it is good!”Immortal,Xian Tian mad and other Xian people have nodded,I signed a blind vow,Almost a dead death of the interests of Xian Dragon,After the vow, the Xian Dragon talked truth after signing.。
“I also saw the nature of the Shenling Tree on a copy.,The god tree is like the gods.,Not to invade,So people who have some abstract fruits must kill!”Xian Dragon pointed to those leaf roads:“Each leaf contains unmetable murder,When you pick up the fruit,The leaf will release terrible strength to kill the prisoner,Then the root will also absorb the flesh and blood of the prisoner.。”
“So, the god tree is more than drinking the blood of the gods.?”Xiong Tao。
“Of course,As long as it is contaminated with the god of life, it will be absorbed.,In other words, condensed pseudoons,The god pulse is even the strong people of the gods are also succumbed by the gods of the gods.,No matter what blood,Just reach the spirit of the half-step realm,It is also necessary to be smoked!”Xian Dynasty explains。
Everyone heard a breath and took a breath.,Looking at the color of the god tree with a fear。
“Real root of the horror lies in absorption,So you can avoid,However, the most terrible is the terrorist force released on the leaves.。”Xian Dragon:“So I want to deplete the attack power!”
“I understand,We pick a fruit,Then attract the god trees,Again together。”Xian Tianchen and Xianxiong tyrants are looking at each other,Suddenly understand the mystery。
“clever!”Xianzhen Longyu test smile:“All right,Allocate,Who now picks the gods,We protect,Etume plum plus a god fruit!”
“I come!”
Xianxiong tired into the distant void,Distance this hundred miles,His big hand extends out,Directly fall in the god tree。
Just then Xian Dilong,Xian Tian’s strong people have emerged on a powerful martial art.,These martial arts are condensed by the spirit,Wrap the immortal hegemony,Xianxiong’s big hand directly grasped a goddess。
Just when you want to touch this goddess,The leaves of this gods flew out of the leaves,It’s like a peerless knife, and it’s like a gentleman.。
Chapter 1,529 Nest
NS1529Chapter one nest
Xian Dilong,The fairy and others are not coming at all.,A peerless knife has been broken and the empty hit is on this martial art.。Please search for books……net)
Suddenly eruption of effortless power fluctuations,This knife is directly collapsed in the void,The martial art is shocked。
“Sustained power!”
Everyone faces each other,But think of the spirit of the god,Soon a bit bite your teeth,Continue to catch the gods,The same gods fid out the horror knife, directly hit the martial art。
Knife collections,Fairy,Xian Dilong,Xianxionglass and other people started to show the saw to fight against this god。
Just when they consume the power of the gods,A few movements have appeared in the void,Herone is Lin Feng,Haihuang et al.。
“Really narrow,What are they doing??what,How to have such a horrible force in the Shenling tree?”Lin Feng suddenly。
“This god tree is spiritual,This is its self-policy。”Haihuang surprised:“Can’t think of,Can’t think of,Some people in them know about Shenling Tree。”
“You mean, they are consumed the power of the Shenling tree?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。

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