And after flash,She also reached their ideal location。

She at this time,There is no obstacle between Dreuvi.。
then,After finally reached your own purpose,The pig girl is directly in his own steps.。
Sezu Ni next second,Their hand is waving again.。
then,Unborseful,Slowly condense above the body of Squaz。
And her long whip,It is the most violent place in the power of the winter.。
The power of the winter is constantly rotating,Surzi Ni and the pig’s body becomes very tight at this time。
then,The power of the next second,It is also a long whip coagulation formation in the hands of Zhazhuang.。
then,In the power of the strength of the power of the long whip。
That is a huge unparalleled winter,It is directly from the hands of Zhuang Ni.,It is also a whip.。
Huge Ice Magic Body,Flying from Sezhuang Ni,Going to the direction of Deli Wen。
And at this time,Just rightAOut of the knife,I am adjusting my own position。
After this,After the movement of this adjustment of Deli Wen,SKTAlmost everyone is a happy heart.。
This Presser,It doesn’t have luck to avoid this big trick directly.。
on the contrary,Delhi Wen in this time,Almost, it is desperate to look at your own formation.。
This is the goal pointing to the big tricks of pig sisters.,Almost never!
so,Deli Wen is because of his own position,I suddenly fell into an extremely dangerous point.!
And this big trick,It is in the next time,I have been moving towards the direction of Deli Wen.。
Unborantful winter breath,Gradually filled this battlefield,A filled killing gradually spread。
SKTEveryone,I have suddenly played my spirit in an instant.,Then prepare directly follow this big trick,BeginningIGHandle!
This wave as long as this big trick,Can play Zhongde Leshen,SoSKTThis wave,There is still an opportunity to reverse the situation。
After clearing this,SKTNaturally, everyone is in an instant,Into my spirit,Preparing directly andIGEveryone put a wave of life!
andIGEveryone,Obviously also reacted all this。
But they can only look at this big trick.,HomeADCThe distance between the distance is getting closer.。
no way,This wave of them in order to kill Serless,Some of the stamped shapes。
So Deli Wen was hit by this big trick at this time.,It is difficult to find a right opportunity for a short time.,Directly rescue Dravan。
Instant,Deli Wen is in the case of a unparalleled crisis.!
In the end,Deli Wen has not waited for someone else’s rescue,His own flashes have not been able to turn better at this time.。
so,Deli Wen can only look at it.,This big trick is constantly coming to your distance。
finally,Come to your own body。
This huge winter ice,Directly reached Deli in the next moment。
then,In this big trick released a moment of Deli Wen,This is the winter,It is directly in the air.!
Instant,Condensed high-spirited。
And in this large-scale explosion,Naturally, it has suffered all the explosive power.。
Instant,Delevin’s footsteps are condensed!
His body,Also after this,Quickly wrapped in Ice!
Deli Wen was released after this big trick went to his body.,Directly became an incomparable ice sculpture!

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