After the introduction is over,Sun Yaru is also enthusiastic to invite everyone to eat together.。

And Yang Xiao smiled, while smiling and praised Sun Yaru.。
“Yaru Sister,Are you a girlfriend from Li??”
“Forehead,It’s just,However, we should be a classmate relationship.,University classmate。”
After all, Li Hui Feng introduced Han Shanshan.,High school classmates,She naturally doesn’t want to show weakness。
She now some understand why she is so active.,Li Hui has indifferent。
Because Li Hui’s woman is better than one,One better than one,It is confident that she is very confident.,When I saw Xu Ruzhen,Qin Su Ya followed Han Shanshan,She is also more and more confident。
Han Shanshan also listened to the meaning of Sun Yaru.,I immediately broke out the temper of the little witch.。
And she also looks out,Li Hui Feng and Sun Yaru are absolutely no relationship.,Because Li Hui Feng has maintained a distance from Sun Yarru from beginning to end.,This obvious thing,Sun Yawu actually dared to hit her muzzle.,That is simply looking for it.。
In the case of this,She has not lost。
“Gigling you must have a good relationship,Couple relationship is a couple relationship,I laughed with a smile, I also like Li Hui Feng this wood.,But will not grab it with you。”
When I said this,She directly facing Li Hui:“Lee,You actually have no girlfriend,How can I have three cups tonight?,Such a beautiful girlfriend has lived in a yard.,Is it necessary to ask me to drink??”
Han Shanshan is exported,Sun Yarn’s face changed immediately,Shy,Fluster,More is free。
Chapter 53, there is his father
Li Hui also saw this scene,I didn’t want to get a lot of things.,After all, there is no one in the scene to have a close relationship with him.。
But I didn’t expect it because the three words can cause contradictions.。
“Hey-hey,Big squad leader,You don’t open your family to joke.,I recognize Yaru before,But she refused,So now we are all active.,But the big squad leader, you can’t,Time to you with you,I don’t even have to chase your ideas.,Because I am with you, it is the same as the fire.,I am a few pounds of a few kilograms.,This joke is not open in the future.。”
After saying this, Li Hui Feng wants to open。
The three women present were shocked by Li Hui’s words.。
Especially Han Shanshan is surprised to look at Sun Yaru asked:“Li Hui Feng, this boy is pursuing you in the university.?
Also rejected?”
How did Sun Yaru have never thought that Li Hui is unbearable?,Will say the previous thing。
“Um,At that time, I was studying.,I don’t have any heart I love.,Now I am here to make money with him.,In fact, I don’t think about it with his feelings.。”
After you have just been by Han Shanshan, then,Sun Yaru also feels no longer talk more.,In case, let the other party misunderstood,That is not good.。
Only Yang Xiao smiled and did not send it.,Because she is full of brains, I have said words in the mountains.,If there is no error,In front of you, this very beautiful classmate is very likely to be the woman who has killed Li Hui.,Just how she also wants to understand why Li is so polite to the other side.。
Han Shanshan heard this explanation of Sun Yaru,Somehow,Suddenly there is a feeling of breathing in my heart。
I don’t know when to start,She found that she saw Li Hui Hui as long as she walked nearly.,She will inexplicably want to pike。
“Gigver,Just now I talk,In fact, I have nothing to follow with Li.,And Li Hui has a girlfriend, I also know,So I don’t think about him.,When his guy is definitely no idea,If there is an idea,When I first met at the same table,The guy will start。”
Say,The two people talk more。
Li Hui Feng, which is not far, is a bit speechless.,Just now the sword is arrogant,It’s just like a sister.。
Just when he is ready to open,But I suddenly received a strange number.。
See this strange number,Li Hui is also a glimpse,Soon, guess who should be there.。
When it is directly connected。
“Hey,Is Li boss??”
The phone came to a very low voice,That voice revealed a hot meaning。
However, Li Hui is indifferent to these。
“Hey-hey,Boss Li did not dare,I just want to know who you are.。”

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