“No need to half an hour。”Lin Feng faint:“Demon,It’s okay now.,Half hour is too long。”

“Three hours of time,This is the rules of the Miao。”Just at this time, a pleasant voice came from the woods.,A graceful figure came out,Herone is the old man。
There is also a beautiful woman with her.,This beautiful woman with a solid temperament,Well-popular figure,Wear a demon red coat,Her killing is very horrible,Let everyone can’t help but hurt。
Like a bloody lotion。
This beauty is a Miao’s Criminal Law, the old willow blood song,In the Miao, there is a majestic,Her prestige can even surpass the demon。
“Executive prescription!”
“Executive prescription!”
“Executive prescription!”
At this moment,Demon,The burial sword and others have discolored,But I can’t think of a gambling attracted this Miao’s penalty.。
The beautiful cheeks are cold and cold,Her figure is sitting on a chair,Beautiful scorpion glanced over the whole road:“Anyone must abide by the rules of the Miao,Cannot be violated,Demon,You should know the end。”
“I see。”Sitting on the chair。
“Lin Feng,You are a guest,Also complied with the rules,You hurt,I allow you to rest three times.。”Willow blood songs look at Lin Feng Road。
“Thank you for your seniors.。”Lin Feng respectd the road,He doesn’t talk,I immediately went to Belle and others.。
“Are you OK。”Becha is worried about Lin Feng Road。
“I am fine.。”Lin Feng smiled slightly:“Last explosion,I am also fried once,So there is an experience response。”
“Big brother,Thank you。”Dongxing got up and apologizes:“I am too weak.,There is no qualification to use this mirror.。”If the non-Lin Feng saved,He is afraid that he is killed by his own hidden.。
“Both brothers,All right,I heal。”Lin Feng is sitting on the ground to get hurt,He consumed a lot of strength this time.。
A warship swept,Bring a horrible big day heart,Directly in the body of Lin Feng,It is the golden big hizza。
Time gradually,Three hours of time turned over,Lin Feng injured,In vivo, the gas is restored to the peak state。
A sound of the sound,The figure of the emperor falls from the sky,He is magical on the sky,Like the devil is the same horror,He falls on the ground.,The earth is shaking,His hands holding a black ghost knife,The ghost knife is engraved with ancient big words。
“斩 魔 刀!”
“Black Millennium’s town!”
“Lin Feng was defined this time!”
“斩 魔 刀!”
“This time I played this time.!”
Demon,Bechang and others are colorful,Water Tian Ji and Liu Bluge are also the god of the gods of the look.,On the face of the funeral sword, the laughter of the show looks at Lin Feng’s figure.。
“Lin Feng,Time is up。”Moisto,His mouth with a funny smile,Looking at Lin Feng’s eyes like a prey。
“Ha ha!”Lin Feng haha laughing on the plate on the ground,His figure landed on the ground on the ground:“Demon,You are so anxious to lose?”
“Lin Feng,Have a tongue dispute。”The cold smile:“I see your injury has been restored.?”
“Restore。”Lin Feng smiled and said。

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