Slightly pause,He is thinking again:“I have to give you a right reason.”

“Oh, tease you.!I go!”
“I am going to be a tone word.?”
“I say,I go!”
“I heard it., so”
“Don’t force me to hit you!”
The corner of the circumstances evacuated a smile。
Suddenly the phone rang,He picked up,Is a transfer from strangers,Remarks is invoiced。
“So fast。”
“More than 60 码。”
“I say,Present afternoon,The friend of the bear boss,I have already hit the money.。”
“what?Let me see!”序 身 身,Stretch your head to the front,Staring at the phone,“good!with honesty!”
“How many?”Nan Ge asked。
“Seven digits。”
“so much?”Nang Ge, although it is expected,Still very surprised,“This thing is really worth money!”
“I am also surprised。”Circumference。
“These rich people,It’s really money to burn.!”Nano has some sour,“It’s really easy to earn money.,I want such a big award,At least you have to sacrifice a good luck in a week!”
After reading the number,槐 躺 躺 回 回 回,Start the disk to count your own small gold library now total deposit。
Don’t you know,A scary。
So the big devil is not extensive.:“These rich people are really reluctant to spend money.!”
Voice,He changed another angle:“You said you.,It’s really strange that there is something younger when you are young.,I’m old and I like it.,Some things like you are young when you are young.,I didn’t like it old.。”
“What’s the meaning?”Zhou Zhiyou。
“for example?”Nan Ge also said。
“Such as a wife。”槐 二 二 二 腿,“When you are young, you can’t like it.,Getting older,Flower so much money to buy a meditation statue”
Zhouzhi is very embarrassed。
It is Nango Haha laughing.。
Just http://www.szlzuswsmyegnw.cnarrived in Yancheng, just dinner。
Nan Ge turns down the dressing mirror,I still pick up myself.,I got off the bus and walked into the community.。
I saw a lot of old old ladies in the pavilion.,Some people have a pit in the complaints in the community.,Leading very beautiful。Her bad feathers,I have intentionally ran more than a few words.、Follow a few developers。Until a few old ladies began to ask which、How much is it?、How old is、Is there a problem with boyfriend?,She will only find a reason to leave.,Stealing and walking into the corridor while stealing。
See the expression,It seems that I am happy than I have saved money.。
Really brain disabled。

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