Chapter 126 Giant guest

But the thoughts of the forest are on the control of the gap,Strong rebellious。
Despite fast,Going fast,But still noticed by Lin,And gave and great attention。
Because the strength of the water is improved,Is there any signs that you have been controlled??
This is not a good thing.。
Wait until the water is gradually calming down on the chair.,Look at the eyes of the forest, some complex。
“Watermouth。Do you have anything to say??”
“Maybe I should bury myself.。Recently, I am getting more and more hungry about fresh blood.,I have never been,I am afraid it will become a zombie.。”
“I imagine the way。Maybe you can also use merits to resist the nature of zombies.。”
“I don’t accept the invading of the uncomfortable breath.。”
Lin ring《Reading》Say:
“I have seen the book in the book about how to treat you.。”
The water is getting off。
Lin ring is preparing to eat chopsticks to eat fish,A yin-wind shaving。
This is very different,It will not make people feel cold,Insight is to make people feel a heart spleen。
No need to say,Another merits。
Just this ghost has something unusual.。
Lin looked up,Staring at a woman in a red dress in front of the temple,There is also a sedan car next to it.,Two sheep。
“Yin Shen is going to ask Yunzhou Shujun to the Changmen。”
Lin Yong heard that it is a gust of 阴 找,Stand up from the chair,It’s a crowd of hers of people.,The man is in a dim light。
“Sporty?I have to come to the red sister.,What I Can I?!”
Red eyelid,In front of you, this water is the singer of the city.,I didn’t expect such a poverty。
“Yin God deliberately wants me to welcome Yunzhou City。Please go to the sedan。”
Lin rang in front of the big fat sheep,Be amazed:
“Really wonderful,Wonderful!I don’t know how to kill, my meat is good.。”
The two sheep stared at the forest。
Tell your dog and watch the master。
This person is not playing a dog in front of him.,Don’t you kill your sheep??
Wait on the road,See how the brothers bumps you。
Red girl megading,Immediately laughed:

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