“Is this this?。”De Lisa spirit is clear,The right hand holds the chin。

The problem on Qiger is no longer a day and two days.,It is also a doctor who can send it now.。
“What are you doing here?,Will not say these?,These, when you finish your meal at night,。”
De Lisa waves,Some Han Jiang out,I still have to sleep.,After a while, the trouble is going to find the door.。
“Eat something,It is Boronia to give you a bitter gourd porridge.。”Han Jiang refers to the lunch box on the table.。
“what,Bitter gourd porridge!”De Lisa is happy.,Touch your own belly,It is a bit hungry.。
“For me to help Bronia to say thank you,There are a lot of affairs in the school.,Those little guys have to take her take care of it.,Other people, I don’t worry。”
Higer carries native holy marks,It is back from the sea of quantum.,Many secrets。
Weny is the fourth law,It is a heavyweight weapon that every forces are mastered.,Santa Fer Ya will not use Wind Tie weapons,But you can’t deny her value.,Must be properly protected。
Roshalia sisters influenced the collapse of the collapse during the march,There is also a secret on the body,Cannot not say,It doesn’t mean that the value of the sister is small.。
Also eight,Lili,Two armed people,Be more important。
Nothing before,She and Ji took the way.。
Now the two people are busy.,I still don’t dare to ensure that the people of the Eastern Party are all united.,I hurt them.,Or take away is a big problem。
“This is not to bring me.?”De Lisa Mei Touro disassembles a lunch box,Pointing another question。
“Um,It is giving Ji。”Han Rong said:“Teacher Ji?”
“She is in the new planning http://www.newlandshop.cn department,It is the previous operational headquarters。”De Lisa refers to the outside:“You also saw it,The large-scale employee dormitory is demolished,Where can I build a new headquarters building?,Now there is not much office,I have to squeeze。”
“Then I went to Giji teacher.,You have to rest more.,Don’t be tired of the body。”
De Lisa has,Put down bitter gourd porridge,“Do not worry,I am thisSGrade strength body,Will not be tired。”
Han Rong is still a bit unassay,After a few times, I launched the room.。
After walking out of the room,After Han Jiang, he looked at an eye.。
The spirit of the de Lisa hunger is slight.,A lot of love for bitter gourd porridge,What is the bread, it is taken in your hands and doesn’t want to sustain.,It’s going to sleep.。
Han Jiang sighed,I have gone to the previous combat headquarters。http://www.qhdjhpm.cn
More people in De Lisa, guarding people’s arm De Lisa office,Hanjiang walks into the office,I saw Jizi standing in front of the table.。
“姬子,You are hurt?”Hanjiang difference。
Ji’s arm is tied with a bandage,Staying up late to make her eyes red。
See Hanjiang coming in,Ji Zi did not care shake his hand,“fine,Small injury,Two days old。”
“what happened?”Han Jiang refused to let this topic。
“You don’t say that I will tell Qi Yana to let her go back to help me.!”
Ji is injured, it is not a small thing.,Qi Ya Na will definitely make a mess in it.,Don’t find out the reason, don’t give it。
Think of Qi Yana knows the consequences,Ji is helpless,Sitting on the chair looking at the ceiling,“You can work,In the end, you are a teacher or I am a teacher.?”

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