I only see a lamp after the home.,Zen is increasing,Although it is not as good as the essay of Chu Deirers,But the sense of temperament has begun to change。

“Poverty,Shallow training three two tricks,This will teach the national http://www.sjfan.cn teacher。”
A lamp opening,Or double palm,But when I said the teachings,Has left hand low、Just extend the little thumb,And right hand in the face、Thumb up,As if you like……
This“great”Really point out,I am afraid that there is not much to catch.——Herone is the hand too yin lung,A momentum、Swords with big wind and rain。
It is in the Sixtypes,Thin-upful young business sword!
摩 智 智 微 微 微 微:“Have a good time!”Jacky hand,A hot and difficult knife,Poured from the palm,More than 20 steps from a light,Real gas,But there is a sound of hitting the bold iron。
Compared with the Slutaneous Sword of only five-color transmissive,The flame knife is obviously fired,And in the Mudo Hand,The vicinity of the vicinity of the vicinity has emerged as a knife-like texture。
Sword gas collision,The sword is directly hit.,Fortunately, a light is right.“great”for“six”,In addition to thumbs up、Reached a little thumbs up again,I saw a very fast sword light flashing.,This sweeps the remaining wave of the flame knife.。
However, it is already possible to see,Dove wisdom flame knife……Or is the skill of the Co-wise to win more!
Next, the two are not close to each other.、Tear mean,Only remote knife、Sword,And very tacit,Whatever sword、Knife flaming,I didn’t hurt the six Buddha in the middle.。
One lamp,Also practiced the young monk of the right thumb、Small finger,And the three ways of Lezawa Sword of the left hand。
Among them, the queue is the fastest,Shaolian is the most flexible……
At this time, the little merchant sword,Shangyang sword defense,Shazawa Sword is inserted in the Buddha gap!
However, after 50 tricks,It can still be clearly seen,Flue gas in the furnace,It has been obviously blown to one side。
And a lamp has obviously be successful,And Yu Fuzhi is still a smile on the face.,A good look。
This is not a good thing,I quickly shouted:“智 智!Today, you.,Bully,Although the poor and other people have the heart of the Buddha,But I can’t help you this.,Since you want to see the Sweet Sword,Then take a look.!”
I saw the four sorghum of Tianlong Temple.,At this time, all forward,Come to a light side,And after the rude voice,Also silently reaching out the right hand ratio“like”Gesture。
Chu Deirers have a secret grin,But also understand,It’s not a spectacle now.,Really guarding the rules of the rivers and lakes、One-on-one words,Tianlong Temple must fail。
Just got to be wise flame knife,Grilled a little hot light,At this time, I also got another right hand two swords.,Started to specialize for the left hand……
And Yu Music“Ha ha”Smile,Similarly, the vocal number,Then I fully have a palm——Strip is particularly large,About five or six meters!
And is a width http://www.yodei.cn five or six meters……
The Buddha, which was careful to maintain,Being smoked by this hot knife,Instant is no longer igniting slowly,But the whole fragrance,At the same time incineration、Instantly burning a lot of flue gas。
This smoke is fired in a flame knife,Let the flame knife touch to look like it seems really twenty-step long flame knife,In an instant, six people in Tianlong Temple swept……
Chu Deirers also saw the tongue at this time——Although Yu Mu Zhi is from Tubo,There is no listing,But this should,It is the strength of the top ten in the real day.?
As for a master……
This eighth mile is finally“Dali Emperor”Bonus,But now the Master of the Light is out.,Can be broken,I believe it will be further。
Tianlong Temple finally rely on the sword array,I finally pressed the Cove Cain.——certainly,This sword http://www.jialitao.cn is obviously not as good as Wudang、All true truth,Just the six-stage god sword dismantling,One lamp does not have a full force。
摩 智 入 入 人 人,Six swords obviously cooperate with limited……
And at this time,Blood knife old ancestral:“Dali monk is so shameless,Want to be more?National Division,I am coming to help you.!”
I saw the blood knife old ancestors,It seems that it is necessary to join the battle,When fitting forward,It is also true that the direction of the battle,However, finally,From a strange angle,Put the Chu Deirers……
Do not,exactly,It is a churchy to the Chu Deirers.!

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