Still Nan Ge, it is necessary to,She almost wanted to grasp the face of Xia Zheng girl who rose red.:“This is my girlfriend!”

Zhou Zhi also returned from speechless,Say:“Her face is thin,Don’t play her。”
Red dyeing,not talking anymore,Quietly listen to Zhou Yao finished introduction,Pay your little Zheng girl and clear,Then turn around to walk:
“Take you with you first.。
“The advantage of this is that it is close to the university city.,The surrounding place is also broad。Um,Front of the road、Behind the stream,Left to the wood,On the right to the rapeseed place,The land around this can be used casually,The disadvantage is that the house has some years.,Designed to have some old,Decoration is also old,You may have to reload。
“Another set is biased towards the villa.,Good house,It is far from,Some of the land you asked。”
Zhou followed her forward。
The road that has just stayed is very good.,Not spacious but enough asphalt road,The same as the community,Very small car,But it is very convenient to drive into the city.。
Now is a cement path belonging to the yard.,Three meters to width,Can only pass a car,Roadside, a small tree,Also long weed,I have been able to live for a long time.。This path to the yard is about one hundred meters long,Both of the two are them can use。
And the front is a Chinese-style four-in-one in contemporary style.,Although the red dye is old,It has been very fashionable in the vast trend.。
Maybe some years,But not the old。
There is no such spacious place behind the house.,But still very good,Most of the gardens attached to many small villas,Around the left and right, the land is the same distance.,Probably there is a one hundred meters or so,Essays a grassland that is about equal to the university sports field,Come over the horse。
If you look at the situation, you should directly choose this courtyard.,Just thinking that there is still a villa who didn’t look,And this should be made by everyone.,Only forced to endure。
Put the dog here to comfort,They drive the car to another house。
This set is really far,Go opposite Dianchi,A luxury villa that is really far from the city,fully equipped,Attached to a small garden,There are also property management,Unfortunately, there are other villas not far away.,Such an environment is obviously not suitable for dogs,The attached place may also meet Xiao Zheng girl this little farmer。
Several people didn’t have a choice。
I think I have solved a heavy economic burden for my sister.,I will be a little proud of the heart.。
Chapter 714 planning
“boom”A loud noise,Collapse crystal,Between this moment,I saw the defense of Unreal Princess.,A great flaw。
but,at this time,Chen Cangsheng is a war,Sword,Bomb,Unstoppable,Powerless。“clang”Jian Ming,A sword,Hundreds of war, a sword, bright,Taches,Can run through the illusory princess at any time,Powerful,People can’t help out。
“Void——”Just when this life is hung in the first line,The unreview of the masters of the princess。
One-term pointing,Unreal princess shake,Space is now in an instant,Between this stone fire electric light,When life is hung in a first line,Unreal princess,Get up,More than just hiding the trick of Chen Cangsheng,And the opposite。
“boom”A loud noise,Chen Cangsheng’s war,Sword spirit explosion,Go through the earth,When the goal is lost in an instant,I have a deep pit between the moment.,Mud mad。
“Void Canglong——”In this moment,Void old ancestors。
Listening to the teacher,Unreal princess,Hard work,Space,Hold a road,Void wheel instantaneous wheel,Incorporate the entire space into the fantasy princess。
“kill——”In this delicate,Unreal princess,Hear“Hoot”A roaring,Wanlong out nest,I only see the whole space in the hands of the illusory princess.,Roaring, killing from high altitude to Chen Sang,Heavenly shake,Dragon。
“Have a good time。”In the face of the killing of the unreal princess,Chen Cangsheng is not afraid,Big drink,Get up from your body,Sword,A hundred wars“clang”Sound,There is a round of swords and shadows.,Tsune,Sword-style,Open a big way,Fierce。
A time between,Hear“boom、boom、boom”A burst of huge sound,Under both parties,Beaten。
“Earth floating——”Just in Chen Cangsheng hardly“Void Canglong”This trick,Void old ancestors,Speech。
Fall,Unreal princess listens to the teacher guidance,Mouthful,Tsune,Make a hand,Raise land,General,Hear“boom”A loud noise,In this moment,The earth is like a dragon,Get up,Roaring voice。
Between this moment,Chen Cangheng is affected by the enemy,He does not help but,Bother,Anti-hands,One sword,Warmanship,Take him,Sword gas expansion,Instantly go up and down。
“boom——”A loud noise,Chen Cangsheng still slowed half a shot,Ate a big loss,The whole person is hit by,Spray a blood。
no doubt,No matter how experience is still,Void old ancestors are very powerful,Under his pointing,Unreal princess is instantly reversed disadvantage,Every time it takes advantage。
Under one’s hits,Chen Cangsheng suffered a little injury,Be shocked“Clamor、Clamor、Clamor”Continued and retired。

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