Hong Tian is planning to say something,But in the end,Fell straight down。

See here,Wang Teng is very calm。
“You clean up here,Then all retreat!”
This moment,As Wang Teng swept towards his eyes a little bit。
The more so,Actually put it here,For Wang Teng,How to solve this problem,Actually just this,It’s really not easy。
I just looked at these http://www.lampdrive.cn people subconsciously,See here,Wang Teng thinks it’s funny。
“But now,You think,Is this enough??”
slowly,When Wang Teng just looked in front of him like this,While seeing here,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
I won’t consider other issues for now,But here,Wang Teng said。
“I’ll leave it to you here。”
These people from the Tiger Leopard Camp,Their strength is still very strong。
Leave them here,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,Still very relieved。
And now,Wang Teng’s side,Many places are controlled by the people from the Tiger Leopard Camp。
For Wang Teng,Next,In fact, we should think of a solution as soon as possible,At least we have to deal with the matter here first.。
As for other things,Look at Wang Teng,On the contrary, I feel more and more,Actually this matter,It’s not that simple anymore。
And see here,Actually from the moment,Wang http://www.xinhaimc.cn Teng is moving muscles and bones。
“All right,Don’t worry about these problems for now。”
“But here,You stay here first,I’m going back。”

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