“Are you dry??”

Shen Xuan frowned,Ask:“Really resigned from the zoo?”
Wu Ruoxue does not have any hesitation,Tangible:“I am not tall.,I am also starting to do a rustic anchor.,in addition,I will take my father,Make the village of Stone Village,I will get rich with the villagers.,Take a new road!”
Village head?
Live broadcast?
Shen Xuan listened to these words,A while,I don’t know what Wu Dadang thinks.,Just let the village long position let your daughter?
Be saver!
“do not worry,I am walking normal flow.,No chaos。”
Wu Ruoxue seems to have seen the http://www.yeamax.cn suspicion in Shen Xuan’s eyes.,Rapida explained a sentence,“My dad is coming soon.,This time,There are also college students enter the grassroots arrangement.,I am from the sea.,Be a honest village head or more than enough.?”
So much,Shen Xuan is understanding。
Now the country has promoted college students to enter grassroots exercise.,Like Wu Ruoxue, the high-quality students like this,Previously another expert in Jiangzhou Zoo,Now resigned to do village heads,It is estimated that it will be more happy in the town.。
Siguble, where is a scarce resource,What’s more, in the barren stone village!
“Wu girl strength is,I hope she can get rich with the stone village.!”
“On the grassroots level,Wu girl, this personality may make a new world!”
“I only hope that she can’t come.,Let Xuan Ge Renxin http://www.planetflower.cn engage in his own zoo!”
The people in the live broadcast are talking about.,Wu Ru Xue Li Malay a sentence。
“Shen Xuan,If I remember is right,At the beginning, you find the village rented the mountain.,But don’t say to have a zoo.,According to the process,This is not in line with。”
Wu Ruoxue suddenly reminded a sentence,“There is no statement on the contract,You have to make a procedure,otherwise,This is incomplete。”
Shen Xuan frowned,Can’t help but say:“I am renting this mountain.,Don’t give it to me?,You haven’t done a formal village now yet.,Just start picking my thorn.?”
Shen Xuan did not expect,Yesterday resigned,I will come to myself today.!
This woman is not crazy.?
Do you not see you??
NS231Zhang salary problem
“Hahaha,Xuan Ge is going to be difficult!”
“Old family did a village head,I can’t find the trouble of Xuan Ge.!”
“Affirmative,I think Wu Damei wants to let Xuan brothers pay!”
The people in the live broadcast listened to the tone of Wu Ru Xue.,Suddenly laughed out。
“Although I am not still,But appointed right away.。”
Wu Ruoxue said serious:“I have an obligation to be responsible for the villagers.,Since you rented this mountain,The corresponding obligation must be exhausted,for example,Transform mountain forest,As needed to pay the corresponding fee!”
Good guy!
Really coming!

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