Zhou Nan brother away and went together to gym class。

They elective this semester physical education is not the same section,The election is weeks away from basketball lesson,Nan brother chose badminton lesson。
This strong sociability Sports Week from itself is not interested in,He did not want to play with others。But Nan brother is very fond http://www.dlmsmy.cn of playing basketball,And is a basketball expert,So he chose such a basketball lesson aim is to later occasionally play with Nan brother and her love of sports。
For the purpose of Nan brother selected badminton lesson……
Zhou I don’t know。
while walking,Zhou Nan brother has a found from the action appeared several times——
Opened the collar,He stooping down, take a look at a。
When once made this action in her,Weeks away, I could not ask out:“what are you doing?”
Nan brother motion meal,Slowly turn your back。
Week from both curiosity and concern。
Then Nan brother a blind eye——
A heavy slap thrown off the shoulders of the week。
Just weeks away from a moment,This is the correct way to concern about the return of their right,They listen to Nan said to his brother’s teeth:“Called tap your horse riding,lighter!How many times have called,You ear is blocked flies right?You do not listen!”
Week from people stupid。
Sluggish turned to look at the distance,Look at the sky,Just as if someone is talking,But it does not seem to……
Anyway, he did not hear anything。
did not hear it,Not embarrassed。
after awhile,Estimated the sound of the wind,Zhou Zhi to turn his head to Nan Ge:“I have told a group today.,You guess?”
“I guess you.!!”
Zhouzhi nodded,Then I will wait for it again.。
Chapter 689 Still can’t be used to him
Three o’clock。
Zhouzhi sitting at the bottom of the basketball court,Socks a group of men and women playing in the field。
A wearing sports、The head of the head has a small cluster of the antenna tall girl.,The gait is very atmospheric。
After walking to him,The girl is sitting http://www.edinscot.cn down,The field rushed to Yangba,Random question:“How do you sit at this??Don’t play on the court?You are embarrassed?”
“The teacher told me to look at the side.。”
“Don’t let you play!”Girl raises eyebrows,“why?You are too dish.?They jealousy your girlfriend looks good to see you.?Still someone say you are a little white face?”
“……”Zhou feels speechless to her,“I hit two people.。”
“Hi!Playing more people。”
“Hit a bit amazing。”
“Then you hit people like people.?”

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