Worship began to try to launch foreign war,Whether your opponent is Song、It doesn’t matter。

In short, as long as the war,The power will fall by the hand。
Kangxi is trying to avoid this situation,I would rather pay for it in Beijing.,Even bullying oneself,Also in the death。
Manufacturing,Kangxi is both an emperor、It is also the flag owner of the yellow flag,And the three banner,Natural is Kangxi’s support,Worship Prestige,One member of the yellow flag,Other nobles on the three flags,It is only happy for him for the top three,Invasion of the five flags、And the interests of the Han people,Not to support him to fill Kangxi。
However, if there is a war at this time,Kangxi young,The actual command of the top three flags,That thing is really awesome.!
http://www.ffgdkj.cn The so-called country, please,It is nothing more than Kangxi to fight for orthodox,On the one, it is also an opportunity to wear a war down of war war.。
After you know this,The reaction is naturally reversed、Begin。
Seems to,Wu Sangui’s intention,Needless Huang Rong analysis,Chu Deirers also see——I want to indirectly trigger the contradiction between Kangxi and the worship.!
What is the Chu Deire?“Hurry”,Make Yao Bida although angry,But there is still a piece of grate in my heart.……
This is really hard to listen.,But if you really want to hurry,Yao Bida is also really wanting to be the heart of Yinxiang.——Yin Brothers,You can look!
“pity,Here is the end,I have been looking for a long time here with your brothers.,I haven’t seen any organs of the agency.……”Yao Bida sighed at this time,Helplessly said。
Wen http://www.ntglmall.cn said that someone is not willing,Some are still staring at Yao Bida and others.,Obviously, doubting their private hides。
But just at this time,A bit of light coming in……
I don’t know when to,Surrounded outside the day。
I don’t know when to? Everyone comes smoothly,Come to the place where this hill abdomen is near the mountain wall。
A halving of the moonlight at this time, the crack of the mountain wall? According to the opposite side of the stone wall? And because of the rugged stone,The light shadow that takes out is like a hand in the guide.!
All people see? First glance first,Then I don’t know who is exclaimed first.:“Treasure there!”
Then I don’t wait for Chu Deirers to maintain the order of the scene.? White camel mountain“Dragon god”One step with Ouyang Ke rushed over? The giant snake directly broke the thin layer of stone film? Come to a spacious place……
Ouyangke probably wants to gamble,There are other exports inside.,Then he can take the most important sword spectrum.,Afterwards and“Dragon god”Leave。
In the mountain rock cliff? “Dragon god”The event is still very advantageous。
Even without other exits? there is“Dragon god”exist,Chu Deirers will not directly flip because of small rude,As for guilty……Anyway, everyone’s relationship has been like this!
What’s more, he is coming so.,Suddenly, someone else didn’t have a just order.? Rushed in,I am afraid that I have taken the treasure of people.!
Chu Dee’s face? Looking at these people,Not an urgent,Instead, Murong, which is also unhappy.、Flowery,Press behind。
Three people come in,Other people who were originally in the same place,I quickly gave three people……
If the inside is Jinshan Yinshan,They will definitely play up.,Also, I can’t take care of the Chu Deirers.,But after coming in,A copper plate here is not,only……Many 椁。
Always is a tomb!
“not good!Here is not far from Emei.,It is the place where the Emei is ancestor.?”Zhao Quanhai reaction immediately。
“We misunderstand this place,Isn’t it a big blessing??Moreover, the deceased is big,I will wait for quick speed.!”Yin Yinwang has some“High person”Burden。
“Amitabha,Seniors,Poor and others have no interests,Not much smuggling,After the temple,Curse,Cut this kind of sin。”Shenshan also is busy。
Others even don’t believe in evil、Evil people who have no surrounded by Emei,Also is also a jealousy,At this time, I think of the speed of the speed.……
However, this time I immediately shouted.:“And slow!Shenshan Master、Yin Shao、Ouyang Shazhuang,Don’t be hung,There is still more than the world,Is it more suitable for Tibetan treasures??”
Zhuo’s extraordinary this is already red,Two……We are terrified that everyone is gone.,He fights to be http://www.hunterconstrong.cn Chu、Nan Muro, etc.,Therefore, it is preferred to mix the water.!

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