There is no difference in the same standard, there is no difference in seconds, "Zhejiang Office" 106 matters intelligent seconds

  Original title: Machinery replacement of artificial audit standard review No difference in seconds, "Zhejiang Office" 106 matters "Smart Second" Medical Insurance calendar year account family training, public place health administrative license (logout), construction construction enterprise safety production License Nuclear issuance (approval) … Now, open "Zhejiang Office" App, you can click on these businesses anytime, and enjoy the high-efficiency services for the approval of zero-artificial. Recently, according to the digital reform deployment in our province, "Zhejiang Office" App newly launched a "smart second" service.

At present, "intelligent seconds" that has been integrated with 106 high-frequency matters has covered the provident fund, medical insurance social security, educational employment, rural and fishery, enterprises, and the opening of the eight major areas such as the Camp, the financial and taxation and safety production. "Intelligent Second Office" means that the applicant has passed the Zhejiang Government Service Network, "Zhejiang Office" APP and other channels, the relevant business unit passes the data integration and sharing, and the approval process will become the system from the past manual approval. Approval, realize the artificial review of machinery, to ensure that each business is reviewed, there is no difference in seconds. Taking public sanitary administrative licenses (logout) as an example, before implementing "smart second", applicants need to experience 4 office links such as line acceptance, review, review, and decision.

Now, through the system approval, fill in information from 12 items from 12 items, and the time reduction is 20 working days.

  The implementation of the "smart second office" is achieved in the steady advancement of digital reform in our province.

On the one hand, all kinds of high-frequency matters have been "one thing" integrated reform, and the barriers between the department have been broken. The approval process is completed, and the system remodeling; on the other hand, the provincial county is three-level integration The intelligent public data platform provides data support for the "Smart Second Office". Next, the province will continue to deepen the reform of the service area of ??enterprises and other in-laws, increase the intensity of data sharing, and introduce more and easy to use "smart second" matters, provide replication, promotion experience. (Reporter Shi Liwei Correspondent Wang Liqi) Responsible Editor: Zhang Ling.

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