Set off study and implementation of the Sixth Plenary Session of the boom in trade union cadres and the masses of workers to gather up Jiangong "Fourteen five" progressive new journey of majestic power

Beijing, November 22 (Reporter Zheng Li) Recently, the National Federation of Trade Unions issued "on the in-depth study, publicize and implement the spirit of the ninth plenary session of the six parties," (the "Notice"), requires all levels of the union study and implementation of the spirit of the sixth plenary Session as an important political task at present and for a period in the future, profound grasp of the significance of the spirit of the sixth plenary Session, quickly set off a boom in the study and implementation of trade union cadres at all levels and the broad masses of workers, the spirit into the plenary session to guide practice and promote a strong incentive to work, gather up the achievement "or fifteen," Endeavor majestic power of a new journey. "Notice" that the party’s Sixth Plenary Session of the Ninth in our party was founded a hundred years on the occasion, the Party led the people to achieve the first goal of a century, toward its second century of struggle to achieve the goal of a critical historical juncture, held a very important meeting.

Trade unions at all levels should follow the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, in-depth understanding of the significance of Conclusion of the significant achievements of years of struggle and historical experience; in-depth understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the plenary session of the spirit; in-depth understanding of the party’s early centuries of struggle of the heart and major mission achievements; in-depth understanding of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the historic achievement and a new era of historic change; in-depth understanding of the historical significance and historical experience of the Party of centuries of struggle; in-depth understanding of history as a mirror, creating an important requirement for the future, to guide trade union cadres at all levels and the masses of workers thought and action into the spirit of the plenary session, the continuous improvement of political judgment, political savvy, political execution, and enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance" keep in mind " country is greater ", more closely unite around the CPC central Committee Xi Jinping, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of its founding, to achieve the second goal of a century to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and make unremitting efforts. "Notice" requirement, trade unions at all levels to carefully organize and deploy the system study and implementation of trade union work continue to deepen. To strengthen the study and training, to learn the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session as an important task of party history study and education, and learning a new era of Xi Jinping thought socialism with Chinese characteristics in particular, "July" important speech together, and learning about the working class and the General Secretary Xi Jinping the important work of trade unions discussed combining rich content with the core spirit of comprehensive and systematic study and understand the essence of the plenary. To vigorously promote preach around the main theme of the party’s historical development, to seize this new era of focus, combined with "Si Shi" publicity and education, to lead the ideological focus, for the rank, the masses of workers, give full play to the role of the mainstream media and trade union propaganda battlefield of public opinion , civil unions play a diplomatic role, all-round, multi-level publicity interpretation of the plenary session. We should implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session to promote the union and the focus of the work closely together, according to "China Labor Movement and trade union work" Fourteen five "development plan" deployment requirements, do a good job in implementing the spirit of the plenary floor trade union system. "Notice" stressed that the history of a hundred years of struggle trade unions from the party’s draw wisdom and strength, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, to promote a new era of innovation and development of trade unions and the Labor Movement work. Prison union should work in the right direction, through solid and effective work, the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee decision to deploy comprehensive instructions and, specifically, to the implementation of the work trade unions to the party’s ideas and will implement the majority of workers masses.

To strengthen ideological and political workers to lead and promote the Party’s theoretical innovation approached the side of workers, workers went into the heart, determined to guide the workers listen to the party, then the party a sense of grace with the party.

To persistently strengthen armed with the theory, learning to understand and work hard to do a good grasp on reality, and strive to apply their knowledge, the study results into practical results innovation and development of trade union work.

"Notice" that the trade unions to organize the workers to make contributions, extensive enduring various forms of labor and skills competitions, mass innovation, and strive to build a huge knowledge-based, skills-based, innovative army of industrial workers, carry out the "China dream beauty of labor", "labor to create happiness" theme of education, vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, the spirit of craftsmen and direct the staff of hard work, honest labor, creative labor. To continue to enhance the effectiveness of the service trade union rights, adhere to the staff as the center of economic rights of workers to do maintenance work, and earnestly solve the practical problems of the masses of workers distress worry hope, continue to focus on new forms of employment of workers thought to lead, CCA membership, rights service, maintenance of stability and so on.

To safeguard the political and security field work, persist in grasping the lead to build one hand and prevention and resolution, adhere to the maintenance of stability and unity of rights, take concrete actions to put "five resolutely" implement the requirements. "Notice" requirement, trade unions at all levels to deepen the trade union system reform and innovation, around enhanced political, advanced, mass main line, wide sound contact and service workers union work system, to stimulate grassroots vitality, reinforce the basic as to promote and focus on key reforms, accelerate the construction of the wisdom of the union, union work to create an upgraded version. To strengthen self-construction union system, in order to deepen the "loyal to the party’s cause, dedicated service staff" create a model of political authority as the starting point, and comprehensively improve the quality of party building trade union system; normalization carry out trade union cadres went to the grassroots months of activity, growing masses work skills, enhance the feelings of the working masses.

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