Promoting an Anhui digital economic health development focuses on preventing control of local government debt risks

The eighth meeting of the Provincial Party Committee, earnestly study and implement the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Political Bureau’s thirty-fourth collective study. Zheng Gangjie hosted the meeting and speech Wang Qingxian Cheng Lihua attended the afternoon of November 5, the Provincial Party Secretary Zheng Gangjie, director of the Provincial Party Committee and Finance Committee, presided over the eighth meeting of the Provincial Party Committee of the Finance and Economic Committee, earnestly studying the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 34th collective study of the Central Political Bureau, studying the province’s digital economic health Development, prevent local government debt risk work. Governor and deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Cheng Lihua, the provincial party, the provincial leaders, Zhang Yun, Zhang Hongwen, Wang Yiguang, Wang Cuifeng attended the meeting.

Zheng Guanjie pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has deeply expounded the significance, trend of the development of digital economic development, and provides fundamental follows for our new starting point to promote digital economic health development.

We must deeply grasp the favorable conditions and realistic gaps in our digital economic development, give full play to massive data and enrich the application scenario advantage, promote digital technology and physical economic depth, and empower traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, giving birth to new industries new model, constantly Do a strong to do Dagui digital economy.

To strengthen the digital key core technical research, improve the basic research and development capabilities of digital technology, accelerate the construction of collaborative innovation platform, highlight the main status of enterprise innovation, support the faucet enterprises in the digital economic field, and the task-type innovation consortium, and build a digital economic ecotropic circle. To speed up the new infrastructure construction, increase 5G infrastructure layout, strive for national Internet backbone direct joint, break the "data chimney", build a flue-on network infrastructure, efficient integrity infrastructure, advanced new technology infrastructure, Cast information "aorta" in economic and social development. To accelerate the digital transformation of the industry, promote digital transformation of manufacturing, digital and high service industry, integration of agricultural digitalization, build industry-grade, regional-level industrial Internet platforms, entry market, in particular small and medium-sized micro enterprises, network, intelligent upgrade, speed up Cultivate a group of "special new" enterprises and manufacturing single-term champion enterprises, further playlifted the magnification, superposition, and multiplication of digital technology to economic development.

To grasp the real-name industrialization upgrade, increase the work of "double tricks and double" work, summarize the introduction of the field leading enterprises, high-quality construction software parks, cultivate industrial groups, and grow up, and develop soil.

It is necessary to persist in promoting both development and regulatory norms, both hands must be hard, establish a full range, multi-level, three-dimensional regulatory system, compaction authorities, supervision agencia responsibility, guiding platform enterprises to perform responsibility obligations, and establish improvement of key information infrastructure protection System, increase personal information protection, and resolutely hold the network and data safety bottom line. We must improve the support of digital economic policy, strengthen organization leadership, enhance system thinking, overall concept, speed up functional transformation, process reconstruction; strengthening mechanism innovation, forming an expert committee, improving decision-making; strengthening fund protection, playing financial funds, and guiding All kinds of social capital participate in digital economic development; strengthen talent support, attract innovation teams, improve digital economic thinking, professional quality, and safety awareness at all levels, enhance digital literacy and skills in the people, and provide strong support to promote the healthy development of Anhui digital economy . Zheng Gangjie emphasizes that proper treatment of government debt, especially implicit debt, is not only important economic tasks, but also major political responsibilities. It is necessary to adhere to the front movement of the gateway, strengthen the monitoring and warning, implement penetrating supervision, and make early shots, early response, early place. It is necessary to highlight the "front door" that standardizes the debt according to law, and strictly block the "latte" of illegal violations, pay attention to prevent the risk of "risk".

It is necessary to strengthen project planning, do the performance, strengthen the feature guarantee, and do special debts. To optimize the business environment, catch the industry, grasp the project, cultivate the conservation of the tax, improve the quality of fiscal, and constantly grow the comprehensive financial resources.

To compare the subject responsibility, give play to the overall coordination of the provincial definition of the government’s hidden debt risk work, strictly implement the management responsibility and functional department supervision responsibility, and effectively condense the work together, and resolutely hold the bottom line of the systemic risk.

(Correspondent Zheng Yan reporter Zhu Shengli) Please pay attention to "Xinhuanet" WeChat public number.

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