Wenzhou Ouhai District "Welcome National Day" 10 billion projects have been completed

  It is reported that the project in this focus is 16, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, mainly covering the four categories of transportation water conservancy, urban infrastructure, social undertakings, major industries.

The construction of this project has blew the impact of major projects "100-day attack" action, and it is also for the construction of "Science and Education New Area, Shanshuihai" to lay a solid foundation. The first tribute to provide strong power.

  At the same time as a group of projects started, the Ouhai also ushered in a group of projects to build land.

There are 19 items that are completed on the same day, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, covering 7 urban infrastructure projects, total investment billions; 3 social development projects, total investment billion yuan; 8 municipal transport projects, total investment billion yuan; 1 item, total investment billion yuan.

At the concentrated completion ceremony held in the front village of Xinqiao Street, Sancha Village, Xihu Village City, the resettlement room, and Wang Zhenyong, secretary of the Ouhai District Party Committee, delivered the golden key to the hands of the Xihu Village resettlement households in Xinqiao Street.

  "When the demolition is started in 2017, when did the resettlement are built, the government promises can not be fully honored, I am concerned, but I didn’t expect to move into a new high-rise building in a new high-rise building with only more than 3 years. The transparent pattern design, complete supporting facilities make us feel the benefits and benefits of the urban village transformation. "On the scene, Xinqiao Street Xihu Village village Lin Jianzhong has a lot of resettlements.

It is reported that the project is one of the representatives of the "resettlement speed promotion" government in the Government of the Ouhai District Party Region. The project is divided into 5 plots, with a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters, a total of 2132 sets, and the entire resettlement housing community is made, kindergarten, children’s paradise, home pension, farmer’s market and other supporting facilities.

  Education is the fundamental of people’s livelihood.

In the morning, the Southern Experimental kindergarten in the southern Ouhai District was completed and opened, and Wang Zhenyong was unveiled by kindergarten, and visited into the park.

The kindergarten running school is a 12-class kindergarten +3 class. It is reported that there have been new construction kindergartens in Ouhai District this year, including the Kunshan Experimental Kindergarten, Ouhai District, and the Southern Experimental Kindergarten, Southern New City, Ouhai District, and the Nanbin Jinyuan Kindergarten in Ouhai District. It increased by 51 classes. Enrollment work has been completed.

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