The investigation shows that the British will continue to rise to the new crown vaccine.

Xinhua News Agency, February 24th (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) A new survey released by Oxford University on the 24th shows that more than three-quarters of respondents in the UK say they "very likely" will vaccinate new crown vaccines, and 5 This ratio is only 50% ago.

Scholars from Oxford University, the London School of Political and Economics and the London University, based on the survey of the public opinion, analyzed the acceptance of the British people on the new crown vaccine, and the survey was carried out in October last year and in February this year. More than 1200 responses from more than 1200 respondents. The latest results show that the agenda is over 90% of the people over the age of 50, while all adult respondents have more than 80%; from gender, women’s willingness to vaccinate from the first The% increased at an investigation rose to nearly 88% of the present; men rose from 82% to nearly 90%.

However, researchers have also found that low-income people will have a wishes for vaccination. Aser, Professor, Oxford University, said that the British government gradually relaxed the planning of "prohibited" measures, which relied on whether the new crown vaccination project was successfully implemented, and this survey provided policy makers provided a more in-depth reference basis. . Data released on the 24th of the British government show that as of 23, there have been more than 18 million people to vaccinate the first new crown vaccine. (Editor: During the day, Yu Ying).

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