Vista Pan kill Hamilton

  According to Xinhua News Agency 2021, the first-class equation (F1) was closed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ended in an extremely dramatic way. The Red Bull Hand Titta Pan was surpassed in the last circle. Hamilton, who was running. Abu Dhabi won the championship, more than the victory of the Cangling Career, the first F1 World Champion.

  The last stop of the Saudi Grand Prix, Hamilton took the pressure to get the first three consecutive championships, and the last stop of this season with Vista pancore. In Saturday qualification, Vistan Pan took the lead in Hamilton seconds in the teammates. The new crown test in front of the Hassen Human Pacifier is positive, withdraw from the race. As the five red lights are off, Vista Pan officer mistakes, and the starting stage was surpassed by Hamilton, followed by trying to overtime and Hamilton collide with Hamilton on the sixth bend.

Hamilton once rushed out of the track, but finally held the lead position. In the 14th lap, Vista Pan took the first to enter the station to replace the new hard tire. After the station is located, it is ranked fifth. The 15th circle, as a driver that only three neutral fetus started, Hamilton also put on the hard tires. After the station is out of the station, Perez is ranked second, and continues to refresh the fastest speed, gradually pull and Vista Pan gaps to nine seconds.

  In the 20th circle, Perez and Hamilton launched a wheel-to-round attack and defense, Perez was struggling to lead the leading position and helped Vista Pan to close to Hamilton. On the 21st lap, Perez finally was surpassed by Hamilton on the big straightness, and then he quickly gave Vistanan and immediately.

The gap between Vistanan and Hamilton is just two seconds. In the 349th game of career, it is the last F1 Grand Prix. Unfortunately bid farewell to the yard.

  In the 36th, Lekino’s Alpha Romesti teammates also retired because of the racing fault and triggered a virtual security vehicle.

Subsequently, Vistan Pan and Perez used the virtual safety car to enter the station, replaced new hard tires again, and gradually narrow the gap between Hamilton using the tire advantage.

  The 53rd circle, Williams rider hand Lipphi and Harce Mike Schumacher hit the guardrail after the collision, triggered the safety car.

Vistan Pan used the safety car opportunity to put the soft tire in the third time, make the last stroke.

Due to missed the entrance of the repair station, Hamilton can only continue to insist on the track with the hard tire.

The 56th circle is also the third circle of the countdown, and Perez became the fifth retired driver. The last circle, the safety car entered the station, and the game finally returned to normal. Vistanan uses huge tire advantages to transcend Hamilton.

Hamilton tried to be more fruitless, only to send Vistan Pan to take the lead, win the championship of this site and become the 34th world champion in F1, and the first Netherlands rider, breaking Mercedes Mixed The driver has seven consecutive championships. Ferrari Car Wenz won the third place in this site, Xiaohong Overrove Hand Heart Field Yuyi and Gasli Fourth Fifth Federation, Bostas, Noriis, Alonso, Akang, Leket Lay To ten. In the end, Hamilton went behind 8 points to get the driver’s winner. Botans and Perez range three, four.

The Mercedes team won the 2021 season team champion and realized the team champion.

  The Abu Dhabias Terminal track not only witnessed the birth of a new record, but also ushered in a lot of endings.

R?ikkino and Giovignona also bid farewell to F1, Giiovignaz will transfer the electric equation chart (Fe) in the next season.

  Finnish driver Botas from Mercedez transfer Alpha Romeo, will partner China driver Zhou Guanyu Jian Wan new season. British rider George Russel, Buga, joining Mercedes.

  The 2022 season F1 unveiled the Baibarin Grand Prix will be held from March 18 to 20. Related news dissatisfied! After the Hamilton game, the Shanxi Evening News was reversed in 2021, the final circle of F1, the last circle of the last station, Vista Pan surpassed Hamilton with tire advantages, killing Hamilton’s first world champion.

The dramatic results are full of controversy, and the Mercedes team is also dissatisfied after the game, appealed to the International Anti-Federation, requiring changes to the results, but the appeal was rejected by the International Affairs.

  There is no doubt that the dispatch of the safety car in the final stage of the war has changed the champion trend, and the reasons and basis of the Mercedes team appeal is "According to the provisions of the exercise rules, after the completion of the settlement of the ferrule, safety The car needs to be in the next circle, and according to the rules, Vista Pan has suspicion of violations under the safety car, so according to the rules of the exercise, the results of the competition are required.

"The appellation of the Mercedes team is finally rejected, and the International Air Federation officially believes that although Vistan Pan is really moving slightly in the front of Hamilton, but Vista Pan will return to the back of the British, and in the safety car At the end of the stage, it is not in front of Hamilton.

Mercedes requested the reciprocal of the second circle as the final competition, and the International Busai also said that this requirement is not reasonable. Although the International Affairs is rejected, the Meside team does not accept the judgment, indicating that it will continue to appeal. (Netease) (Editor: CANDY).

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