Xiamen Lisi District explores the new model of mini community governance

Xiamen Huili District, Qiqiang Street, Xinglong Community, Sheng Tang Court, and Torch Dormitory, two community addresses, all of which belong to a typical "micro-community", the number of small households is less than 100, the population is not much, the public gain is low, and there is always a public Problems such as lack of infrastructure and poor living environment. The two communities have established their own committees, but the management effect is not obvious, and there are many contradictions in the neighborhood.

Under the guidance of the party committee of the Qi Qiang Street, the Communist Party Committee of the Xinglong Community, June 7, 2018, Sheng Tangyuan Joint Party Branch is established. At present, the party members will be 6 people and 10 people. After the establishment of the Party branch of the Community, the problems in the district have no discharge, and the two border committees will be combined to first, give priority to the problem of "micro-community" management and insufficient resources. And actively explore the new model of mini community governance, bringing two community friends, gathered together, Huoxing mutual help, the people’s heart, the people who are difficult, the people think that people think, the people need to change people, truly realize the co-management Coordinate to build a sharing. Friendship accompanying, three "Yi" (1) Contracting to effectively solve two cell management scattered, resources and other issues, the party committee of the former street party Working Committee and Xinglong Community decided to lead a team to build a team, create a team, form a team A set of mechanisms, friendly accompanying, "integration" to achieve co-management. In order to achieve the "micro-community" linkage, the community established the Sheng Tangyuan Joint Party Branch, and implemented the management model of "packaging, shared housekeeper", and hired the same property company to provide property. Serve. In December 2020, the Party Branch gave full organizational capabilities, and the leader in the main committee of the industry committee in the two community border committees, and plans to combine the two biligent committees as a one. Will, truly realize a team of two communities, build the party branch as the core, the industry committee, the three-party "red sharing tube home", the community gradually turned from "a plate of sand" into a "one game". Create a team to create a homage atmosphere.

After the establishment of the "Red Sharing Pipe Home", we will focus on all kinds of governance people in the excavation community. The "seven small" personnel in the community have formed a learning mutual aid group based on Community Secretary Tian Xuexia and Community Teacher He Xiaoling; Gao Jianxi is the main safety construction team; Zhang Jinwu, a community lawyer, Li Jinwu, is the main neighborhood; the health control group mainly in the community doctor Lin Yongzhen; the residential building is the resident of the community building The maintenance group, the division of various groups, cooperated with each other, forming a community management team that "never go", creates a good atmosphere of congestion. In addition to solving the core issues of "people", "micro-cell" governance is a health management mechanism. Under the party construction, the two communities jointly established a joint meeting system, the property satisfaction evaluation system, a transaction financial disclosure system, a multi-party "consultation system, and the residents of the residents, and the resident convention, and the resident convention, and the resident convention, and the residents’ convention, the consultation system, the consultation system, and the residents of the residents. By the basis of the establishment of the United Industry Committee this year, he promoted the implementation of the three systems of the "Party Branch and the Industry Committee depth, the party branch leadership committee change (election), the community secretary of the Secretary of the Communist Party, to ensure Community governance has a rule.

Good-neighborly cohesion, three "o" rule by the two cells by creating "neighborhood classroom", whereas the poly-up, improve governance; by expanding the "neighbors and friends circle" of social cohesion, inviting all resources; by achieve "o contradiction" of neighborhood cohesion, build harmonious relations, good neighborliness and cohesion to achieve "neighbor distance" cohabitation. Two cells actively create "class neighborhood" policy propaganda, Sinology, readings, handmade, baked desserts, gourmet cooking, flowers and conservation courses turns debut in "good-neighborly living room", through mutual "pass on" mutual learning director, let community of people have the opportunity to show themselves, but also promote the mutual exchange of the neighborhood.

In addition, the community and actively extend the reach of "neighbor classroom", leading the governance of people out of the district, to the surrounding typical cell "learn" to learn from other cells advanced experience in green conservation, parking management, property fee collection, garbage, etc., thus improve the capacity for self-governance cell. Expand the "circle of neighbors and friends," unite all forces. However, "picocell" often due to lack of resources, but "beyond their grasp." Two district opened a "hand in hand" action, resource pooling strengths, expand the "circle of neighbors and friends", Xiamen Torch school party branch, branch of Bank of Communications branch to build a total of Datang Union. Combined with "double-report" an opportunity in the district launched a "clean home, to create a civilized, policy advocacy, garbage, peace three rate" and other activities 12 sessions. Meanwhile, the district branch by collecting cell "micro-wish", the "self-financing + financial support," the way to solve the district replant plants, the construction of "neighborhood gas station" and "good-neighborly living room" and other places, in order to carry out district governance to provide a solid backing. Achieve "o contradiction" build harmonious relations.

Since the two cells "family background" different "combined" inevitable that some contradictions. Under the guidance of the Party’s booming community, the district set up by the "o (You) I said listen," "community committee – community party branch secretary – director of the industry committee the two sides – Property Director – – Secretary of cell-cell mediators" composed of mediation Commission, jointly resolve community conflicts and disputes.

Early as two small cells each have two entrances, but are due to too small a space, vehicle access difficult U-turn, "friction" out of two area residents often occurs, ultimately under the coordination of mediation committees, the two sides reached a consensus, and torch funded by the CMC, design, production unified "Tang Yuan" the door.

O mutual benefit, three "heart" to carry forward the move to build through warm heart, attentive service and comfortable implementation of the policy, the two cells, "You have me, I have you," hand in hand to create a loving, beautiful, peaceful area , o mutual benefit, "Heart to Heart" Establishing in.

Meanwhile, the district set up a "love your neighbor help group" by the branch, the industry committee, property, "Seven small" component of every month on the 20th, "Love your neighbor Day", regularly organize a clean-up, a major conservation, a major maintenance "three Ones" love home activities, mobilize residents with clean home, along with the conservation of plants, together with maintenance facilities, residential ‘warmth’ continued warming, the neighborhood school to fight the car to go to work, children and senior citizens to see each other, the collection of express parcels love bit by bit after another, loving atmosphere gradually strong. During the epidemic, community residents have given their love, "love mask" card at the mouth, "love ginger tea" continuous supply, district epidemic prevention and control rely on themselves and the Party branch led the formation of epidemic prevention volunteer team, members, residents active voluntary registration, turns on duty.

As Lu Xia, He Xiaoling and other cell teacher side to carry out the "Internet + Education" air classroom teaching, while her husband hand in hand with their guardian "home" to do out of control, registration personnel, propaganda and guidance, etc., continue to love "warming." To build beautiful homes, residential building intelligent garbage houses, the "designated time" delivery mode classification, through the "barrel supervision station, keep preaching barrel" raise awareness of waste sorting and delivery accuracy; community building "good-neighborly living room", as conflict mediation , serve the residents, negotiation procedure of places; residential construction "neighborhood gas station" to provide children with a "mini" library; community building atrium garden, through replanting green, casual tables and chairs set up for residents’ immortal words (Note: Taiwanese chat meaning) "provide places; residential construction home convenience.

To achieve normalization and epidemic prevention, community programs after the establishment of two joint industry committee, jointly funded the installation of smart security systems in the cell door, take a good defensive first hurdle out of district; to solve the electric car private pull wire, parking disorder and other issues, two community consultation, specializing in the construction of electric vehicle charging pile; to solve the problem due to lack of parking spaces resulting in destruction of the green belt, the district party branch leader "right", after consultation, self-financing by residents to replant lawn, trees, additional landscape sketch, leisure chairs and so on, not only the transformation of the green belt, also changed the district vehicle Luantingluanfang situation.

In addition, the district branch by means of monthly love your neighbor day, regularly check residential corridor lights, fire facilities, etc., once discovered the problem in a timely manner to guide property do maintenance and other work to ensure community peace and harmony.

(Editor: Chen Chuchu, Zhong Xiahuahua).

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